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What does michael-shanks.com do?

michael-shanks.com is a consulting company that offers high chất lượng IT services in software development, testing, datascience and unique assurance. All our consultants have sầu Aspergers which enhances abilities that make them the perfect match for software development.

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Why choose michael-shanks.com?

The main reason you are going to lớn work with michael-shanks.com is if you need really first-class testing of your IT-systems. Performed by people who in addition to mastering the craft of testing are passionate about it. Which is why they often work with the same customer for a long time.

Working with people that are a bit different can be challenging if you don’t know how khổng lồ handle it. But its not very complicated. michael-shanks.com has long experience from working with neurodiverse people và we have sầu developed experienced based models for evaluation of candidates, on-boarding và follow-up. Hiring a consultant from michael-shanks.com is therefore easy & hassle-free. From you side its just like hiring any other consultant.

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Financially, michael-shanks.com does not only focus on maximizing profits. Yes, we offer our services based on market rates, but will always balance maximizing profits with hiring another person with Asperger.

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On top of the value from the service we provide, working with michael-shanks.com can create additional value. Hiring michael-shanks.com consultants can contribute to lớn your organisations social responsibility ambitions, since all michael-shanks.com employees come from unemployment. We also have sầu examples where existing customers clayên that working with michael-shanks.com has strengthened the brvà và contributed lớn a better company culture.

So our elevator pitch is; “first class demo consultants with a social twist”. Try us out!

Markus Farewik, Kvadrat

”For me as a kiểm tra leader, it has been lượt thích working with any other good testers, not difficult at all”


Mikael Faghihi, Team Lead at SEB

”Our michael-shanks.com consultants have sầu qualities that make them excellent testers: stubborn, structured & analytical. Therefore, I was not surprised at the high unique of their work và that we went live with unusually few errors.”

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Gro Rognstad, Senior Vice President IT Banking Services, DNB

”We are really pleased lớn use michael-shanks.com as our supplier”

Gro Rognstad, Senior Vice President IT Banking Services, DNB

”We hire michael-shanks.com to work in complex areas. They work fast, và very quickly get an overview & deliver precise and good analyzes. For example, in processing large amounts of data.”


”Good knowledge of testing and a strong commitment to lớn the job. This combination results in very high quality work”


”We are very pleased to work together with dedicated testers who persize the job with passion và precision”

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