b : a long & narrow or shallow channel or depression (as between waves or hills) especially : a long but shallow depression in the bed of the sea — compare trench

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The economy is in a trough right now. all of the wiring for the converted residential loft is concealed in a vertical trough

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Recent Examples on the Web The trough was as deep as minus 283,000 jobs in April. — Dom Difurio, Dallas News, "Dallas-Fort Worth’s pandemic jobs deficit shrank lớn 81,600 entering 2021," 3 Feb. 2021 High pressure will bring mostly sunny skies for a time Saturday morning before a trough of low pressure moves into the region bringing a partly sunny sky. —, "Temperatures will remain seasonable," 2 Oct. 20đôi mươi Kendall May sifted trough files in his office at Prince Tech on Thursday in tìm kiếm of the scorebook from his first career win as the school’s head basketball coach. — Shawn Mcfarl&,, "Kendall May came khổng lồ Prince Tech to build his own identity. After winning his 400th career game, May has his own legacy," 4 Mar. 2021 Skeptics may try to lớn divine a more normalized level of volume or think about revenue across each cycle, betting the next peak và trough will be higher. — Telis Demos, WSJ, "Coinbase Offers Another Way to lớn Ride the Bitcoin Roller Coaster," 4 Mar. 2021 While warmer temperatures and higher winds were expected Wednesday afternoon, a trough of moisture moving over the area for two lớn three days is expected khổng lồ drop one-half khổng lồ two inches of rain on the fire. — oregonlive, "Clackamas County fire updates: 50 homes and 150 outbuildings destroyed, 3,000 remain under evacuation orders," 24 Sep. 2020 That’s the heart of the metacrisis, a pulsing, elastic, exponential sine wave sầu from Big Bang peak to lớn Big Crunch trough. — Adam Rogers, Wired, "WandaVision Brought the Multiverse lớn Marvel," 11 Feb. 2021 While standing there, the door burst open and a group of men threw someone fully into lớn the trough. — Alex Cortez,, "Ode to lớn the porta-toilet," 4 Feb. 2021 Alibabố slid 8% in Hong Kong to a five-month trough Thursday. — Ryan Vlastelica,, "Alibaba U.S.-Listed Shares Tumble Most Ever on Đài Loan Trung Quốc Monopoly Probe," 24 Dec. 20đôi mươi

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History & Etymology for trough

Middle English, from Old English trog; akin to lớn Old High German trog trough, Old English trēow tree, wood — more at tree entry 1

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