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Grew Up… abused & mistreated by his father in rural Alabama. Part of this abuse was intellectual. He was forced to lớn read and memorize encyclopedias & dictionaries as a boy, accounting for his extensive vocabulary & colorful manner of speech. He is a natural criminal, và as a boy used the mistreatment of animals & vandalism as outlets for his personal trauma & deep-seated psychopathy.

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Living… in Fox River Penitentiary, with no sign of getting out soon. T-Bag is well-adjusted khổng lồ institutionalized life. He leads a White supremacist group, which protects him from any inmates which might wish khổng lồ do hyên ổn harm.

Profession…criminal. T-Bag’s rap sheet goes a long way to explaining his line of work: battery, assault, attempted murder, murder, rape, and kidnapping. T-Bag, in other words, is one sichồng puppy, & he gets by on his criminal credentials.

Interests… trắng supremacy và pedophilia. From a young age, T-Bag has gained great pleasure from the suffering of other things.

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Relationship Status… open to pretty much anything. T-Bag will get what he can where he can, which in prison means offering protection in return for sexual favors.

Challenge… escaping Fox River State Penitentiary. When T-Bag hears of a plan khổng lồ break out of prison, he wants in. His challenge is complicated by the fact he isn’t exactly on good terms with Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, or Abruzzi – the men hatching the escape plan. With little good blood between him và the other would-be escapees, T-Bag has to find something to lớn offer or leverage in his favor to get himself in the escape team. “Either I"m through that hole with you,” he tells the others, “or I"m gonmãng cầu sing like Johnny Cash!”

Personality… psychotic and mentally ill, but strangely paternal. He looks after his own, which is pretty much the only way he gets by inside Fox River. T-Bag also has a surprising sense of humor, making colorful threats such as, “when I find you, I"m gonmãng cầu whack you lượt thích a piñata in a 5-year-old’s birthday party!”

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