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nonstandard spelling of thing representing southern US pronunciation, & typically used lớn denote a feeling or tendency

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‘Talking of musical thangs - there"s a track by Nelly, & Kelly Rowlvà - ‘Dilemma’, that"s getting very heavy airplay over here right now.’‘You"re cruising through studies lượt thích it ain"t a thang, but the folks could really use your help around the house.’‘You"ve sầu been doing your special thang, & you want some accolades.’‘People were either busy or it wasn"t their thang.’‘We decided it wasn"t our thang and popped out for a drink.’‘Who would have sầu ever thought that the issues might be an important thang lớn consider during a presidential election.’‘And if you"d rather not vị the PayPal thang, feel không lấy phí khổng lồ gmail me & ask for my snailmail address.’‘After a bit the Sheds came on & did their thang.’‘You can put its thang down, flip it và reverse it to lớn go from baby-facing-you to baby-facing-world.’‘He even has the paperwork to prove sầu it"s the real thang.’‘Apologies are made that they won"t be doing their rochồng thang today; the singer has a sore throat và no matter how he pleads is not lớn be given a cigarette.’‘The phrase you hear people say all the time is ‘it"s my custom’ - it"s a catch all for whatever their thang is.’‘I mentioned some of this before, some months ago, but here"s the full thang.’‘On Wednesday after the radio thang, I ended up sitting down to watch Friends on Channel 4 and fell asleep.’‘The man who founded Blogger is taking time out lớn bởi vì his thang.’‘And some fool saw fit lớn give me a credit card, so I can now bởi vì the PayPal thang.’‘It"s not really my thang but I admire the athleticism & singular dedication that it takes to lớn become a dancer.’‘He"s even got a whole army of officials behind hlặng, doing their thang to save his life, then they"ll get a pat on the bachồng.’‘Instead of laying the love thang on the line, Neil gets tangled up in clichés at every turn.’‘As a result, the day after Thanksgiving just ain"t my thang.’

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