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“So one day I was doing academic advising và outside of my door, window, they were taping like, Pitch Perfect 3. Or Ironman. And I was like, ‘God, are you calling me back?’ ” Carr said this week, thinking about how she was motivated enough again to lớn try. You might remember her work as a woman who got a bunch of money stolen from her wallet in season two of FX’s Atlanta.

“So here I am, in Atlanta, & I’m getting more work here than I was in LA. But this Geiteo is … the biggest opportunity that I’ve sầu been blessed with,” she says between tears. “It’s 17 years of hustling và bustling and changing my clothes in the car và waiting in LA và driving and putting on wrong shoes, rushing out, you know, putting on a blaông chồng shoe và a green shoe, rushing some auditions lớn get to lớn work.”

When the day of the shoot arrived, Carr knew she was in a spot she’d worked hard khổng lồ get khổng lồ & was absolutely gonna nail it.

“I was a hip-hop dancer. I’m almost 50 years old. So that’s what I vì. You know what I’m saying? And so was like, Nicci, I know it’s hard for you not lớn dance, but just try to vày some elbows,” Carr explained, demonstrating with examples. “So I started doing elbows và pop-locking and it’s lượt thích elbows, but the day of the show I was mesmerized. They make me feel welcome.

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“You know, they encourage the hype.”

I can’t explain why but I love sầu this commercial so much pic.twitter.com/NTy78ngLyJ

— Milk Chocolate MAKamala (

There’s a point in every classic piece of nội dung in which you get hooked. The part where you realize: I like this. Sometimes there comes another point when you come lớn grips with the fact that maybe that same part is a reason you will always like something, beyond just the next time you see it. The trolls Gọi this living rent-không lấy phí.

Anthony Goolsby’s entrance into this commercial as the husband/father has been operating a full-blown, high-volume restaurant’s worth of business in my head since I first saw it during the Super Bowl, and has paid not a dime for the space.

Goolsby himself is a dad, so the move sầu was routine.

“I teach improv lớn kids, right? So you never know what’s about lớn happen. I don’t like lớn come in knowing what I’m about to vì chưng. I don’t even have sầu any words,” he says, describing his method in the scene. “So it was all in my face. Right? So I’m like, what, why are these guys here? And then I look at , và I see them with the ice cream và I’m like, and ice cream?! So now it’s all starting to come together. We got Tag Team in the house, one, and we eating ice cream? And the music? WHOOMPhường, right? I can’t tell you. I don’t even know what that is. I was just with the flow, man.”

Goolsby, 39, who is from Decatur, Georgia, was a college baseball player who also spent time as a high school umpire. He joined an improv troupe a while baông chồng và now has bigger dreams of being a character actor regularly, after graduating from college with a degree in industrial engineering. The fact that GEICO ended up picking three Blaông chồng folks (including Amethyst Davis) from the same Atlanta troupe was quite a feeling, as well.

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“They didn’t know, they got three improvisers on the same team,” Goolsby pointed out. “We just knew we were gonna play it. I thought it was dope, man. ‘Cause they’re having fun. You reaching a whole new group of people.”

And just like everything else in this ad, it was freestyled. Yes, the Kid ‘n Play part, too. None of that was scripted, nor was the sprinkles toss, arguably the top moment of a 40-second ad with lượt thích 10 of them.

It was conceived as an ode to LeBron James.

“You know, sprinkles came from an ode to LeBron James where he goes to lớn the scorers table and throws up the chalk. And I know kids love sprinkles,” Glenn said. “I wanted this commercial to lớn be with little kids, saw it, they’d go, mama, I want to các buổi tiệc nhỏ like that.”

Which for Gibson, who is now in the phase of his career in which he’s working on mastering records as a craft, is a welcome emotion & lane.

“I wanted us to keep our gray beards because man, we aged,” he said unapologetically, sitting in front of a wall of records và CDs in his Atlanta-area home page. “When we got khổng lồ the mix, I just wanted the energy. I’m an energy guy, man.”

Some people start their day off by working out. I start my day off watching the “Scoop, There it is” commercial at least 5 times. We are not the same.

— Alec Palmer (

My husband và dad have sầu a lot in comtháng. They both shush me when the “Scoop There It Is” commercial comes on.

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— Megan Gailey (

Overall, the phenomenon that is the ad is evident. Everyone involved feels like they did what they wanted to, which is half the battle. Say what you lượt thích about the gatekeepers of rap who may or may not appreciate what our lakiểm tra desires for the old days may mean in terms of what we laud now versus then, to see Blachồng folks who’ve sầu been dedicated to lớn the game still alive & kicking is a warm sight khổng lồ see in 2021. Hailes believes the b& he remembers from high school was properly represented. But the commercial will soon be out of heavy rotation.

Everyone involved has bigger goals, of course. But little things lượt thích a positive ad that portrays a Black family having fun in their homes, safely, goes a long way in keeping that fire burning, never mind the lights on. Tag Team isn’t making new songs, because, clearly, they’ve got a hit with this one. So stop asking.

“You still got a hit record, 20-something years later, you better milk it for everything you can, because it’s not going anywhere,” Glenn said. “So any opportunity that comes to us from has lớn be fashioned into lớn something positive sầu for us to lớn make some money off of. And we have become really practical & masterful at doing that.”

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