When i try to connect i get: "oops something went wrong" – chipolo

There are a few ways khổng lồ fix the “oops something went wrong” error; usually when you encounter this issue it isn’t due khổng lồ a problem within the plugin, but with your settings. Here are a couple of ways you can check if something might be missing or incorrect.

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Chechồng the Mailchimp for WordPress log

Log in to your WordPress Admin & go to michael-shanks.comhường. > Other. Cheông chồng khổng lồ see if there is any error explaining why the form did not submit. For example the email address could be blocked by Mailchimp.com or be marked as nhái email.

For example: 400 Bad Request. Invalid Resource. example
gmail.com has signed up khổng lồ a lot of lists very recently; we’re not allowing more signups for now.
means the gmail is banned by Mailchimp for being subscribed to too many lists in a short amount of time. Since this is a ban from Mailchimp, not from Mailchimp for WordPress, this is not something that we can solve from our side. We recommend testing with a new/fresh email.

Check the Mailchimp.com API log

Log in to lớn your Mailchimp.com trương mục, cliông xã on your trương mục name on the right top và choose Account.Cliông xã on Extra > API keys. Scroll down khổng lồ see the latest calls to the API and their result.

Cheông chồng your Mailchimp settings

Cheông xã if every field you’re using in your khung is also present in your Mailchimp’s List fields và *|MERGE|* tags page, and that you’re using the correct settings. You can find this page in Mailchimp Dashboard > Lists > Your list > Settings.

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Cheông xã the following:

Are you using the correct tags in your form? You should be using the tags mentioned under #5 (see below) Do you have a field phối lớn required in Mailchimp, but not in your form? (Cheông xã #3) Are you using the correct field type in your khung (see #2)? If, for example, you have sầu a type="text" in use for your website đầu vào field, Mailchimp will return an error.


The plugin checks for these things & will actively notify you if it finds anything wrong, but it’s a good idea lớn kiểm tra everything if you run into trouble.

If you are integrating Mailchimp for WordPress with another plugin, the error messages will not show. We"re working on making this easier, but keep in mind to kiểm tra the above thoroughly for any mistakes!

Fix the error in custom forms

When you are using a custom khung, or are integrating with Liên hệ Form 7, there are a few other things to lớn kiểm tra for. Make sure you have sầu checked everything listed above first (you will not receive sầu error messages when you’re using another plugin!).

If the issue still persists, make sure you have prefixed every field that you would like to lớn sover to lớn your Mailchimp menu with michael-shanks.com-.

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Still not working?

Tried all the above sầu & still not getting rid of the error? Liên hệ the Premium helpdesk when you’re a Premium user, or open a new topic in the support forum.

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