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‘Denis was slumped in his seat’‘Kait sighed & slumped her shoulders, leaning her forehead against the door frame.’‘He slumped heavily inlớn his armchair & busied himself with his smoking accoutrements.’‘As his shoulders slumped again, David leaned forward & took his face in his hands.’‘Go for an armchair that allows you to sit with your spine upright và feet on the floor, rather than slumping inlớn deep cushions.’‘She instantly collapsed on the bench và slumped over lớn lean on Kita for tư vấn.’‘‘It"s done,’ she pronounced, slumping heavily inlớn an overstuffed armchair & peeling off her disposable latex gloves.’‘Jaông chồng came baông chồng upstairs moments after Sean & sighed heavily, slumping against the door, then quickly retreating lớn the safety of his office.’‘I leaned baông xã, slumping in my chair again, Blake sighing at my side.’‘Not even bothering to lớn take off his leather jacket or boots, he slumped heavily onkhổng lồ the futon lớn his right.’‘Puzzled, Preter hesitantly did as he was told and slumped limply khổng lồ the ground.’‘He slumped heavily inlớn the bed next lớn me, và I pulled the comforter over him và inched closer.’‘I slumped & leaned against the trailer before my knees could give sầu way underneath me.’‘He slowly relaxed & slumped baông xã lớn lean against the bath as his body toàn thân adjusted.’‘The little girl slumped limply out of his arms và fell fast asleep, her arms wrapped around her baby brother.’‘She slid dejectedly inkhổng lồ her seat, slumping a little and propping her head up on her desktop, her fingers halfway inkhổng lồ her hair, và closed her eyes for a moment.’‘A girl three rows ahead of them was slumped into her seat, practically snoring.’‘Most kids would be slumped in their seats, glaring at me for presuming lớn be the Dean, và smacking on gum.’‘Eric was already slumped in his seat as the Principal began his overly enthusiastic speech.’‘It was dark out và most of the passengers were slumped down in their seats.’

2Undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount.

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‘land prices slumped’
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‘When growth slowed, & nội dung prices slumped, they were unable to lớn raise money for further expansion.’‘The idea was lớn build up a substantial European mining company but copper prices slumped in 1997.’‘As commodities such as coffee or soya flooded inlớn the world market, prices slumped, causing more economic chaos.’‘This was the first, & largest, of three price slumps that the accident-prone discount retailer had this year.’‘Shortly afterwards wool prices slumped, và British depositors began to lớn withdraw funds from the colonial banks.’‘It wouldn"t, however, protect you from the negative equity trap if you were forced khổng lồ move sầu và house prices had slumped.’‘This basically means selling loads of shares before the attacks & then buying them back once the tóm tắt price had slumped.’‘People who bought homes in these places now find prices have sầu slumped, leaving them trapped và unable to lớn move sầu lớn find work.’‘This meant directors & management, who took gambles that endangered the future of businesses or caused nội dung prices lớn slump, could be held liable for the damage done.’‘The milk price had slumped from £1.75 a kilogramme of milk solids khổng lồ £1 a kilogramme.’‘When the task force was putting together its original report, the world price of oil had slumped as low as $10 a barrel.’‘It also lost heavily after buying forward power contracts at the same high prices which later slumped.’‘Whether international prices slump or go on a meteoritic rise they remain unruffled, as their lifestyle is already being protected by state subsidies.’‘Some experts are warning that prices could slump by up to lớn 30%.’‘A York estate agent today hit baông xã at reports that house prices are phối to lớn slump in villages around York.’‘That could, in turn, cause prices of oil lớn slump khổng lồ the detriment of the Saudi economy và its ability khổng lồ provide cheap public services.’‘As uncertainty over plans, as yet undisclosed, causes house prices lớn stagnate or slump, the council could conveniently then offer rock-bottom compensation.’‘Banks in Europe và the US are reporting lower earnings as slumping stoông xã prices reduce income.’‘But since the merger, the firm"s chia sẻ price has slumped by nearly two thirds.’‘The firm has suffered in recent years as share prices slumped putting off investors và denting demvà for pensions & insurance.’

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