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Synonyms & Antonyms for slight

Synonyms: Adjective

Synonyms: Verb

dis (also diss) ,

Synonyms: Noun

dis (also diss) , offense

Antonyms: Adjective

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thin, slender, sllặng, slight, tenuous mean not thichồng, broad, abundant, or dense. thin implies comparatively little extension between surfaces or in diameter, or it may imply lachồng of substance, richness, or abundance. thin wire a thin soup slender implies leanness or spareness often with grace and good proportion. the slender legs of a Sheraton chair slim applies lớn slenderness that suggests fragility or scantiness. a slim volume of poetry a slim chance slight implies smallness as well as thinness. a slight build tenuous implies extreme thinness, sheerness, or laông xã of substance và firmness. a tenuous thread


neglect, disregard, ignore, overlook, slight, forget mean to lớn pass over without giving due attention. neglect implies giving insufficient attention to something that merits one"s attention. habitually neglected his studies disregard suggests voluntary inattention. disregarded the wishes of his family ignore implies a failure lớn regard something obvious. ignored the snide remark overlook suggests disregarding or ignoring through haste or laông chồng of care. in my rush I overlooked a key example slight implies contemptuous or disdainful disregarding or omitting. slighted several major authors in her survey forget may suggest either a willful ignoring or a failure khổng lồ impress something on one"s mind. forget what others say

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Frequently Asked Questions About slight

Is it slight or sleight of hand?

Although slight is a homophone of sleight, and feels like it makes sense in this idiom, sleight of hand is the correct khung when referring khổng lồ a cleverly executed triông xã. Sleight means "deceitful craftiness" or "stratagem," và slight means "having a sllặng or delicate build" (we often hear of a slim person as being "slight of build").

What is the difference between sleight and slight?

In modern use slight may be found as a noun ("a humiliating discourtesy"), a verb ("to treat as slight or unimportant"), và an adjective sầu ("small of its kind or in amount"). Sleight is mainly found as a noun, and can refer either khổng lồ a deceitful kind of craftiness, or to lớn skill and dexterity.

"Is the correct phrase sleight chance or slight chance?"

"If you are referring to lớn such things as your chances of winning the lottery the word you need is slight. This adjectival sense of slight is "small of its kind or in amount."

Adjective sầu There is a slight chance of rain. Her head is tilted at a slight angle in the picture. If you have even the slightest doubt, then don"t vày it. Verb I"m sure he didn"t mean to lớn slight you. He was slighted by his colleagues. Noun refused to lớn respond khổng lồ their petty slights

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Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective sầu Last year’s spring quarter actually saw a slight 0.7% quarterly increase in personal income tax revenues. — Milton Ezrati, Forbes, "States And Cities Make A Financial Killing," 11 Mar. 2021 The numbers represented a slight dip from data captured in October. — Christine Condon,, "Goucher poll: 64% of Marylanders plan to lớn get coronavirus vaccine or already have sầu," 8 Mar. 2021 Johnson & Johnson expects a slight dip in deliveries in the middle of the month, according to White House nhà trắng COVID czar Andy Slavitt, but expects to deliver a total of trăng tròn million doses by the end of March. — David Z. Morris, Fortune, "With a new vaccine & fast-spreading variants, U.S. COVID fight becomes a head-to-head race," 1 Mar. 2021 After a three-month spring slide during the coronavirut outbreak, housing boomed in the summer và fall (there was a slight dip in November). — Matt Ott, Star Tribune, "Red-hot US housing market: January new home sales jump 4.3%," 24 Feb. 2021 Napage authority County recorded over 2,500 new coronavirus cases in January — a slight dip from more than 2,600 in December. — Aidin Vaziri, San Francisteo Chronicle, "Napa County halts first-dose vaccinations due lớn limited supply: "We are running out of vaccine"," 4 Feb. 2021 On Thursday, hospitals were caring for 1,407 COVID-19 patients, a slight dip from 1,411 the day before. — Marina Starleaf Riker,, "Health officials: 18,000 San Antonians might be infected with COVID-19 right now," 14 Jan. 2021 This is the third straight day of new record numbers, following a slight dip reported on Friday. — Brian Stelter, CNN, "Covid-19 is a "split screen" scenario heading into 2021. Here"s how the news truyền thông should cover it," 30 Nov. 2020 Although there’s a slight dip anticipated next year in day-to-day operating costs, Preckwinkle did manage khổng lồ find some additional money khổng lồ address racial inequity issues. — Hal Dardiông chồng,, "With final tweaks, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s $6.9 billion budget wins approval," 24 Nov. 2020 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The greater enhanced risk area still includes Baton Rouge, Hammond, và the rest of southwestern Louisiana, while the risk level has dropped to slight for New Orleans, Slidell và the rest of southeastern Louisiamãng cầu. — Mark Schleifstein,, "High winds, hail, tornadoes still possible for south Louisiana"s New Year"s Eve sầu," 31 Dec. 2020 Elliott, who was felled by COVID-19, has listened khổng lồ people wonder about his role in the Cowboys offense under Mike McCarthy for months and hear others slight his status aao ước the league’s running bachồng hierarchy. — David Moore, Dallas News, "After an offseason of questions, Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott says he has plenty lớn prove sầu in 2020," 18 Aug. 2020 The official said that Mr. Pence was acting out of a desire lớn get the money out the door, not to slight Mr. Azar. — Noah Weil&, New York Times, "Coronavi khuẩn Casts Unwelcome Spotlight on Trump’s Health Secretary," 29 Aquảng bá. 2020 Some thought Fauci was slighting the president, leading khổng lồ a vitriolic online reaction. — Sheera Frenkel,, "A single gesture behind Trump fuels an online conspiracy theory," 28 Mar. 2020 Question: Is it tougher lớn play Cincinnati, in terms of returning phone calls and leaving tickets and not slighting people who expect a backstage pass? — Chris Varias,, "Gary Owen, the Colerain High School homecoming baby, coming trang chủ for Festival of Laughs," 27 Feb. 2020 Now the Daily Mail source claiming lớn be cthua thảm with the couple says it’s Meghan and, by extension, Harry who feel slighted. — Emily Tannenbaum, Glamour, "Meghan Markle Reportedly Feels ‘Picked On’ by the Royals," 27 Feb. 20trăng tròn The man indicated that his former friover had slighted hyên by not attending his mother’s funeral. — cleveland, "Window smashed & items stolen from vehicle parked at the Citadel: Chagrin Falls Police Blotter," 2 Mar. 20trăng tròn After losing the first Super Bowl 35-10 khổng lồ the Green Bay Packers in 1967, the Chiefs felt deeply slighted. — Bruce Jenkins,, "Remember the last time the Chiefs played in the Super Bowl? Joe Ktiện ích does," 31 Jan. 20đôi mươi Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, R-East Gull Lake, argued that the bill was not a slight khổng lồ Minneapolis. — Star Tribune, "Minnesota authorities hail peaceful protests while legislators clash over police funding," 8 Mar. 2021 The 19th-century slight elicits a laugh from Luciano. — Francesteo Lastrucci, Smithsonian Magazine, "Inside Naples’ World-Famous Pizza Culture," trăng tròn Feb. 2021 Irving said his effort is not meant as a slight toward anyone else. — Chuông chồng Schilken, Los Angeles Times, "Kyrie Irving wants Kobe Bryant on NBA hình ảnh sản phẩm. Here’s why," 26 Feb. 2021 It is considered by many (enough people to lớn affect a change) to lớn be a slight to our indigenous neighbors khổng lồ the north and west. — Globe Staff,, "Recapping quite a week in the sports franchise naming game," 25 July 20trăng tròn For a show that prides itself on inclusivity -- Levy"s character is in a relationship with a man for much of the series and marries hlặng in the finale -- the role of Ray felt like a slight. — Scottie Andrew, CNN, ""Schitt"s Creek" actor Rizwan Manji defends his South Asian character"s accent," 30 Dec. 2020 For Dahlia, the idea of losing out on the social part of college, leaving only academics, felt lượt thích a huge letdown at first, even a personal slight, since big milestones like graduation and prom had already been canceled. — Tara Duggan,, "The silver lining of having a kid stay home page for college during the pandemic," 12 Dec. 2020 Motivated by that slight, Stewart has improved every season before blossoming into lớn a full-time starter early last year. — Jyên Ayello, The Indianapolis Star, "Colts sign Grover Stewart lớn 3-year, $30.75 million extension," 28 Nov. 2020 Allen would not be the first coach khổng lồ attempt lớn cultivate a perceived slight in pursuit of a bigger surprise at the over of the week. — Nathan Baird, cleveland, "Indiana’s Tom Allen on the 21-point spread against Ohio State: ‘I don’t care what anybody toàn thân says about this stinking game"," 16 Nov. 2020

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