Shout out là gì

shout out

1. verb To say, utter, or yell something loudly or aggressively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shout" & "out." Please don"t shout your answers out all at once like that—I can"t understand you! She was shouting out directions lớn me as she was getting ready to lớn leave, so I didn"t hear everything she said.2. verb To give sầu a loud, aggressive sầu shout or cry. We"ve sầu been shouting out for hours, but no one has heard us from way down here.3. noun A greeting, salute, or expression of respect khổng lồ someone addressed to lớn someone while one is being recorded or broadcast, as on radio, television, or the mạng internet.

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Often hyphenated. Real quick, I just want khổng lồ give sầu a shout out khổng lồ my manager Sarah—without her, I never would have sầu gotten this opportunity. While you"re on the line, is there anyone you"d lượt thích to lớn give sầu a shout-out lớn, such as family or friends?See also: out, shout

shout out

v.1. To say something loudly và generally; announce something: The student shouted out the answer to the question. The counselors shouted instructions out as the campers hiked through the woods.2. To utter a loud strong cry: The survivors of the earthquake shouted out in hopes of being rescued.See also: out, shoutSee also:


(separable) lớn speak very loudly; to announce" Max shouted the directions khổng lồ his house out."
should have stood in bed should have sầu stood in bed, I should have sầu, could have sầu, would have should have, would have sầu, could have should of, could of, would of should of, would of, could of shoulda shouldomain authority, couldomain authority, wouldomain authority shouldomain authority, woulda, coulda shoulder shoulder lớn cry on shoulder to lớn shoulder shoulder to lớn the wheel, lớn put/set one's shouldn shouldn’t happen lớn a dog shouldn't happen lớn a dog shout shout (one's) head off shout (oneself) silly shout (something) from the housetop(s) shout (something) from the rooftop(s) shout about shout down shout from the housetops/rooftops, to shout from the rooftops shout out shout something from the rooftops shout the odds shout, etc. something from the housetops/rooftops shouting match shove shove (one) around shove sầu (one's) way shove (something) down (one's) throat shove sầu (something)/it up your arse shove sầu a cork in it shove a sochồng in it shove sầu around shove sầu down throat shove sầu it shove it/something up (one's) ass shove sầu off shove sầu over shove way shovel shovel in shovel out show show (a lot) of bottle show (one) a good time show (one) in (one's) true colors SEND BACK SHAVE OFF SHOUT OUT

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