Shetland sheepdog (sheltie): full profile, history, and care

Shetlvà Sheepdogs have sầu a lot going on in the brains department. They"re also incredibly sensitive and easy khổng lồ train.

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But how much fur vì chưng Shelties shed? How much vày Shelties bark? Do they get along with cats? Here are ten things you need lớn know about Shelties before you adopt.

SUMMARY: Shelties are small to medium sized dogs, a distinct breed from Rough Collies, with long hair & thick double coats. They"re highly intelligent, with a svào instinct to herd moving targets và alert you to potential threats. They need 30-60 minutes of daily exercise and live sầu for 12-13 years.

1. Shelties Are a Small Dog Breed


Could you piông chồng a Sheltie out of a line-up?

The American Kennel Club declares Shelties to be 13-16 inches (33-41cm) tall at the shoulder and 15-25 pounds (7-11kg) in weight. Why so specific?

Setting a standard for dog breeds ensures professional breeders continue to produce the same Shetlvà Sheepdogs we know and love sầu. Deviations from this well-defined genetic make-up would quickly see Shelties disappear altogether. Oh noes!

Are you curious about the specific looks & requirements for breeding Shelties? Cheông chồng out the Shetl& Sheepdog Breed Standard and be amazed at how much effort goes inlớn creating purebreeds.

2. Shelties Are Not Miniaturized Collies

Not that we have anything against our gorgeous Collie cousins. But Lassie, you"re really overshadowing us with your greatness. Can you step aside for a moment & let the Sheltie have sầu his day? He"s really quite a lovely dog in his own right.


Sheltie vs Rough Collie

I like lớn drop a little history bomb when people reveal their Sheltie-Collie naivety. When the breed first became distinct, Shelties used to lớn be known as Shetl& Collies for their strikingly similar appearance to lớn Rough Collies. However, the two breeds actually have sầu fundamentally different lineages.

The original Sheltie ancestor was a Scandinavian Spitz type breed imported lớn Scotl& in the 1700s. Later, after crosses with Collie breeds, they began to lớn strongly resemble Lassie. And later still, miniaturization took place by cross breeding with Pomeranians and possibly even Papillons và Corgis.

It"s usually by this point that the befuddled Lassie-lover backs away from me in horror mumbling something about just wanting khổng lồ pat my dog.

3. Shelties Are Long Haired, Double CoatedDogs

Brushing is an essential part of your pet care routine. You"ll need to lớn learn how khổng lồ groom your Sheltie to strip the loose under coat and untangle the outer coat.

Ignore your grooming responsibilities at your peril! Not only will your furniture start lớn look like your dog, your dog will become very passive-aggressive sầu with you until you sort his fur out.


Groom me or I will shed in your food

Grooming a dog every week is a big commitment and suits people who are conscientious, nurturing, and who don"t mind a bit of fluff on their clothes.

If you choose to lớn use a professional groomer, make sure you can afford routine visits & try khổng lồ stiông xã to the same groomer so your Sheltie becomes familiar with them. Having a stranger groom your Sheltie can be an intrusive & scary orgiảm giá khuyến mãi (for the pooch, you understand).


4. Shelties Are The 6th Most Intelligent DogBreed

Oh boy, Shelties are smart dogs! While each individual varies, they all seem to lớn have this attentiveness that"s unmatched by most other breeds. Shelties are the sixth most intelligent dog breed overall, và the #1 smarthử nghiệm amongst small dog breeds. So what does this mean for your relationship with your Sheltie?

It means they can learn new commands in as little as five repetitions and excel at performing tricks and agility. Training your Sheltie as a puppy can be very rewarding và heaps of fun. Many other breeds will seem out-of-tune once you"ve had a good conversation with a Sheltie.

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Maggie performs the classic dog trick

Having a smart dog comes with responsibility, though. It means you need to keep hyên busy: daily walks with lots of smells, time off the leash, socializing with other dogs (and humans) và games around the house.

Sheltie games can be tricky because they don"t tend khổng lồ play fetch like most dogs. However, they love to herd. We soon came to lớn realize Howard would herd a rolling rochồng along the beach if suitably hyped up. Piper, meanwhile, looks at you like you"re an idiot. I guess every Sheltie has this thing.


Howard in anticipation of his favorite game, Roll The Rock

Feeling rambunctious? Cheông chồng out Pete"s article 3 Cool Dog Games for Shelties inspired by Howard and Piper.

5. Shelties Are Natural AlarmDogs

Their working dog history on the Shetland Islands means Shelties were selectively bred for certain traits. These include attentiveness, intelligence, keen eyes and barking which all make a very driven alarm dog.


Howard standing to attention on lookout duty

These traits live sầu on today in pet Shelties. They"re compelled lớn protect their homes from potential dangers; including unfamiliar house guests, neighbors" dogs, prowling cats and, of course, the mailman.

The Sheltie isn"t guard dog - so he won"t attack anyone. Alarm dogs simply raise your awareness - startlingly so - of suspicious activity. He"ll continue lớn sound the alarm for some time unless you give sầu the all clear.

(The magic word, by the way, is a short, sharp, authoritative sầu "SHHH!" Do this every time your Sheltie barks for a whole day & you"ll see an improvement.)

To alleviate his need khổng lồ alarm you for every spechồng of dust that floats past the window, try giving hlặng alternative sầu types of mental stimulation.

Getting out và about at the start of the day is excellent. Giving hyên ổn edible chews và play chews are also a good distraction.

Be creative sầu và see what "jobs" you can train your Sheltie to vì at trang chính, lest he assign himself Watcher of Cats & Listener of All Noises, resulting in copious and shrill barking.

6. Shelties AreVocal Dogs

Besides their strong desire lớn alarm bark, Shelties also communicate through various noises that sound khổng lồ us lượt thích singing, talking & yowling. What makes it even more endearing is that it"s almost always aimed in your general direction, leaving you with no doubt that your dog is actually trying to lớn talk lớn you.


Piper is our singing Sheltie

Some Shelties are more vocal than others. By Sheltie standards, Howard is the strong, silent type. Meanwhile, Piper is our vocal artist. He long ago decided he needs to howl when the answer machine goes off, lest we miss an important phone điện thoại tư vấn.

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He also sings when he yawns, & has been known so say such words as "rowl", "rarr", và "yah". Don"t believe sầu me? Watch this. I saved the best clip till last.

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