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1A published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.

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‘The Prisoner of Zenda & its sequel’‘Studio execs in Hollywood are apparently looking for more original blockbusters and less sequels.’‘If all its sequels và spin-offs ran continuously on a single channel, it would play for over a month.’‘I"ve sầu actually got lớn figure out a place to lớn kết thúc this so I can start the sequel lớn this story.’‘It"s a stronger and funnier movie và, for a change, more of a new story than a simple sequel.’‘It was one of the most anticipated sequels in motion picture history.’‘This, the original, was an enormous hit in its native sầu Hong Kong & has already spawned a prequel, with a sequel on the way.’‘Was intimidation ever a factor when working on a sequel lớn an extremely popular film?’‘Four of his hit films have had sequels, & each one of the follow-ups has been a colossal misfire.’‘Mostly reviled as trash, I was one of the few that found the sequel lớn be a fun và goofy romp.’‘Old horror monsters never die, they just wait a few years for a new sequel khổng lồ come along.’‘Still grounded in realism, unlike its sequels, this film is arguably the best of the bunch.’‘Beyond that, I have other stories khổng lồ post, and I"m considering writing a sequel lớn this story.’‘Is it a worthy sequel to the first film?’‘Since this is a Hollywood movie we"re talking out, the inevitable sequel was expected.’‘For a low-budget horror sequel, the movie tries pretty hard.’‘As many film-makers know, the sequel khổng lồ a blockbuster is never as good as the original.’‘They have to put up with some shoddy sequels khổng lồ groundbreaking originals.’‘Over the years, three sequels followed, each worse than its predecessor.’‘I know you are working on a sequel to the book.’‘An attractive idea for a sequel khổng lồ this book would be a discussion of such issues.’

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