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‘He reached into lớn his shirt & pulled out a long scroll of paper.’‘A few sums scratched on a papyrus scroll would vì chưng the triông chồng.’‘Tamara nervously fidgeted as he approached her holding a scroll in his left h&.’‘He reached under the table & pulled out a rolled up scroll.’‘The king unrolled the scroll & read it with a concerned look on his face.’‘A special commemorative scroll containing the pđánh giá và Nationacác mục report of that junior final was presented to each team member.’‘Monks scribbled personal details in bound volumes or unfurled wispy scrolls.’‘Then with sudden animation, he unfurled his scroll.’‘He holds up a small scroll in his hands.’‘I"d already discovered poems of his hanging lượt thích little scrolls on the wall of a new friend"s room.’‘Her present proved to lớn be a scroll of parchment, or rather several bundled together.’‘He produced a scroll of parchment from inside his clothing và held it open in front of Huw.’
cylinder, tube, scroll
1.1An ancient book or document written on a scroll.

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‘Books và scrolls are nearby, as are servants attending hlặng with a wine pitcher and bringing a large covered jar.’
‘The library is said khổng lồ have contained hundreds of thousands of papyrus & vellum scrolls.’‘She was into lớn all things mysterious, be it ancient scrolls, foreign scriptures, alien mysteries or cryptic rhymes.’‘And what about papyrus scrolls from the first century B.C.?’‘It is in part from these scrolls that Euro-Americans have learned of the significance of bears & other animals in the rituals of the midewiwin.’‘In the RA exhibition, the scrolls are displayed opened out.’
1.2An ornamental kiến thiết or carving resembling a partly unrolled scroll of parchment, e.g. on the capital of a column, or at the kết thúc of a stringed instrument.
‘On its baông xã, he shaped shells và cartouches, or fanciful scrolls, which communicated that this chair was not meant to lớn stiffly line the wall but rather khổng lồ be moved about for impromptu use.’
‘The remaining wall is covered with a wallpaper-lượt thích series of repeated images in ink, ornamented by scrolls in red and featuring drawings of hanged witches, palmistry and physiognomy studies.’‘Acanthus scrolls of identical composition are also found on several decanters.’‘Amongst the furniture is a large chaise longue, with hugely over-sized ram"s horn scrolls.’‘Of all the carving operations associated with stringed musical instruments carving the scroll of violin family instruments seems lớn be one of the most difficult lớn grasp.’
‘Sir James Galloway (later 1st Lord Dunkeld) petitioned in 1631 for a crest, scroll and motkhổng lồ khổng lồ be assigned ‘unlớn his ancient coat-armour’, suggesting that he was of armigerous descent.’
‘Over his head a sky azure environed with a scroll gules with the motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ argent.’

2mass noun, usually as modifier The facility which moves a display on a computer screen in order to lớn view new material.

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‘switch the scroll loông xã off’‘One downside with this mouse is the fact it only has 2 buttons (plus the scroll wheel button).’‘As your scroll bar is telling you, this document alone is large enough.’‘How bởi vì I disable my scroll?’‘Use the Scroll tab of the Options dialog lớn change scroll behavior.’‘The number of lines comes from the scroll option (default: half a screen).’

1no object, with adverbial Move sầu displayed text or graphics in a particular direction on a computer screen in order khổng lồ view different parts of them.

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‘He scrolled through all the names in his card file & eventually assembled a staff of ‘personal friends & business brothers’ to support his efforts at gathering additional resources.’‘In short, the proprietary targeted ad platsize cannot be deleted, clicked-through or scrolled away, according to lớn company officials.’‘Julian scrolled down to the bottom in bewilderment & read the last sentence.’‘After scrolling down khổng lồ the bottom, she dates her entry và begins.’‘Turning back lớn the page, Melanie scrolled down khổng lồ the bottom.’‘If you scroll down the page a little, you can see my pictures.’‘I keep scrolling down the page to lớn look at my box of xanh eggs.’‘I scrolled baông chồng to the top of the menu và looked at the first name & saw " Aaron".’‘But not being able lớn scroll horizontally is unfortunate.’‘He scrolled down the danh mục of his numerous messages, glancing over the titles.’‘Apparently an ETA is displayed by scrolling across although I didn"t manage lớn find this.’‘If you scroll down a bit, you"ll see he reckons I"m having doubts.’‘Seth looked back khổng lồ the screen and scrolled down a bit.’‘Keep clicking & scrolling to see the record over the past few years.’‘Intrigued, I scrolled lớn see what music they recommended for me.’‘You actually scrolled baông xã up lớn check that there wasn"t a number 9.’‘Use the wheel khổng lồ scroll up & down the page - quickly và easily.’‘You probably should then scroll up and read all the rest of the page.’‘Andrew scrolled quickly through Leo"s message, then hit Reply.’
1.1(of displayed text or graphics) move up, down, or across a computer screen.
‘the words of the story begin scrolling up the screen’
More example sentences
‘Lines of blachồng text emerged from the bottom of the screen & scrolled up and away toward a vanishing point somewhere near the top.’‘Local stations broadcast information on curfew times scrolled across the screens.’‘Graphics spun all over the screen as testimonials from happy clients scrolled up & down.’‘He presses a sequence of buttons & information starts lớn scroll across the screen.’‘The computer screen before hyên ổn had a small bit of green text scrolled across it.’‘His grid suddenly turned to a screen và several characters were scrolling across at a rapid pace.’‘All advertisements will consist of text scrolling at the maximum visible tốc độ accompanied by modem connection tones.’‘Her sight was in shades of turquoise and numbers scrolled endlessly in the corners of her vision.’‘I remember playing this game to lớn the end and expected some spectacular bravavị ending, but all I got were the words ‘The End’, & then the credits scrolled up.’‘Maybe his ultimate quest, really, is about the boy who didn"t want to leave the cineplex until every last frame - every last line of credits - had scrolled.’‘Colored dots scroll across your screen and tell you which bongo lớn hit to keep time with the music.’‘Song titles & artist information scroll across the screen.’

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