Rogue knight by brandon mull

Rogue Knight
Penhelm và his Knights of the Crucible"s Novitiates" confrontation just outside Hadret House in Brackenbury


Osric, a freshly-made trainer of the Dozens and former thành viên of the Crucible Knights, asks the Watcher to recover his family"s heirloom, a breastplate that has been in it since the War of Defiance. The breastplate is held by novitiate Penhelm, a snitch who got Osric expelled from the Knights.


Once you leave sầu, Penhelm with some Knights of the Crucible"s Novitiates will confront you & dem& the affidavit bachồng.If you provoked hyên or refused khổng lồ give hlặng the affidavit, Penhelm and his friends will attachồng you. You can then loot the armor from his corpse.Return lớn Osric khổng lồ complete the quest.

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If you are on overly good terms with the crucible knights Wenan will refuse to lớn give you any quests.


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0Rogue Knight
10000Osric was kicked out of the Crucible Knights by a fellow Knight named Penhelm. Worse, his superiors confiscated a breastplate that"s been in his family for generations.

Osric has asked me to retrieve sầu a breastplate from Penhelm. He believes his rival might have forged a document from Dunryd Row verifying the purity of his soul. If I can prove sầu Penhelm"s forgery, I may have some leverage lớn get the breastplate bachồng.

1Find the heirloom breastplate.
10001Osric, a trainer at the expedition hall in Copperlane, told me that his breastplate would be somewhere in the Crucible Keep in First Fires. He also mentioned that Penhelm, the keeper of the armory, was one of the officers who had him expelled & is unlikely khổng lồ return the heirloom willingly.
20004Penhelm has claimed Osric"s armor for his own. He will not part with it while he is still a Crucible Knight.
20005I have sầu found an affidavit that confirms the lineage of Penhelm"s soul. It is signed by Kurren, a cipher of Dunryd Row.
2Return lớn Osric.
10002I have greatly simplified matters by killing Penhelm and recovering the breastplate from his corpse.
10Find Penhelm"s affidavit at Crucible Keep.
10010Penhelm doesn"t appear to lớn be keen on parting with Osric"s armor, which he is presently wearing. More leverage is required.

Osric believes that Penhelm"s affidavit, affirming that Penhelm"s soul is miễn phí of any Aedyran influence, is a forgery. He said I could find it somewhere in the Crucible Keep in First Fires.

11Bring Penhelm"s affidavit khổng lồ Kurren.
10011Penhelm seems to have taken Osric"s armor for his own, but I have his affidavit in h& as a possible bargaining chip.

Kurren, the cipher who signed off on Penhelm"s affidavit, works at Hadret House in Brackenbury. He should know for certain whether or not the affidavit is genuine.

12Show the affidavit khổng lồ Commander Clyver.
10012Osric was right - Dunryd Row found that Penhelm shared a soul legacy with a general who opposed Dyrwoodan independence. The Crucible Knights would never have sầu admitted him.

The document I have is a giả affidavit created khổng lồ hide Penhelm"s tainted soul legacy. Kurren has suggested that his superior officer at Crucible Keep, Commander Clyver, can have hlặng dealt with.

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20002Penhelm tried to kill me to lớn protect his secret. He failed miserably. I can now recover the breastplate và take it baông chồng to lớn Osric.
20003Penhelm confronted me, & I decided to give hlặng the affidavit. I was also able to convince him to give sầu me the breastplate. I can now take it baông xã khổng lồ Osric.
14Return to Osric with the breastplate.
10014Penhelm has been dealt with, and the breastplate is now in my possession. Osric will want khổng lồ know the outcome.
15Tell Osric what happened.
10015I allowed Penhelm lớn leave sầu with his reputation... as well as Osric"s breastplate. Osric will want lớn know the outcome.
16Retrieve the breastplate from Penhelm"s corpse.
10016I need to retrieve Osric"s breastplate from Penhelm"s corpse.
17Take the breastplate from Penhelm by force.
10017With Kurren dead, I have no leverage over Penhelm. The only way khổng lồ acquire Osric"s breastplate is to lớn kill Penhelm at Crucible Keep in First Fires và take it from his corpse.
Reasoned with Penhelm
30000After I returned the affidavit khổng lồ Penhelm, I convinced him to return Osric"s breastplate lớn me. Osric couldn"t quite believe sầu the turn of events, but he was happy nonetheless.
Stole the Heirloom
30001I managed lớn steal the breastplate for Osric. Not that he"s going to lớn tell the Crucible Knights about it; he was happy to have it baông chồng, and I was happy lớn get paid.
Killed Penhelm
30002I got Osric"s breastplate, but not without a few casualties. When I told Osric, he was furious. He told me to keep his heirloom. Despite his bitterness, it seems his oath khổng lồ the order still mattered khổng lồ him. He certainly didn"t hate Penhelm as much as it first seemed.
Lied to lớn Osric
30003I got Osric"s breastplate, but not without a few casualties. I had to lớn kill Penhelm, but I didn"t mention this to lớn Osric. Fortunately, he didn"t ask too many questions.
Killed Osric
30004Osric is dead & his task no longer a concern.
Disgraced Penhelm
30005Penhelm attacked me after I learned about his forgery. Osric seemed to regret his death, but he was glad khổng lồ have sầu his breastplate baông xã.
Kept heirloom
30006I got Osric"s breastplate but decided to keep it. I"m surprised Osric didn"t attachồng me on the spot.

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Let Penhelm go
30007Punishing Penhelm for the makeup of his soul didn"t seem right, so I gave sầu the affidavit baông chồng to lớn hyên. I didn"t get the breastplate from hlặng, so I won"t be returning it to Osric.

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