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What vì chưng you get when you combine the influences of Roông xã music, Country music, ‘50s fashion, & a bit of Punk? A breed of fashion that has seen decades and decades of transformation, allowing it lớn culminate into the unique genre that it is today.

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If you think Rockabilly fashion is hard to lớn define, you are correct! A crazy combination of all of the most inspiring parts of its influences, the true meaning of Rockabilly fashion differs from region khổng lồ region & even person khổng lồ person. All we know over here at Atomic Jane is that we can’t. get. enough.

Whether you’re merely intrigued by the concept of Rockabilly fashion và have sầu a vague idea of what it entails in your head (any scene from the movie Grease? Or Cry Baby?) or you’re seasoned in the genre and looking khổng lồ step-up your Rockabilly fashion game, you’ve sầu come to lớn the right place!

Because we have sầu so many Rockabilly inspired pieces on our website, we deemed it beneficial for us lớn give you a little history of the genre & show you some of our favorite Rockabilly dresses and why we’re so obsessed with them. Time khổng lồ fall in love with Rockabilly fashion!

Sound lượt thích a plan? Let’s go!


The History Of Rockabilly Fashion


As proven throughout history, fashion và music go incredibly hand-in-hvà, and the formation of the Rockabilly fashion genre is no exception! Heavily influenced by the Rochồng và Country music of the 1950s, Rockabilly fashion took on a life of its own as it pulled some of the most recognizable fashion elements from both music genres and combined them khổng lồ form something exciting & revolutionary.

Although the roots of Rockabilly fashion are planted firmly in the 1950s và 1960s, the influence it has had on music, movies, và fashion alike can be seen in every single decade since then, still deeply woven inkhổng lồ culture today.


Cast of John Waters" Cry-Baby (1990)

Movies lượt thích Grease, Cry-Baby, và Hairspray (among muốn many others) pay incredible homage lớn this culture and with multiple revivals in the ‘70s & ‘90s, it"s clear that Rockabilly fashion really has that special something that we just won’t ever let go of!


The Elements Of Rockabilly Fashion


Cherry Dollface Photographed by Lauren Horwood

So now you know the influences of Rockabilly fashion, but what exactly is the look? The most defining elements of Rockabilly fashion for women are its combination of the typical feminine ‘50s look - with an edge. Think a feminine, floral swing dress but with tattoos, Converse All Stars, animal prints, bandanas, và bright red lipstichồng.

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Seriously, what"s not khổng lồ love sầu about this?

At Atomic Jane, we have sầu a huge variety of one of our favorite aforementioned elements of Rockabilly fashion - the Rockabilly dress! Our Rockabilly dresses are so incredibly beautiful và with the context of Rockabilly fashion in mind and all the possibilities for accessorizing and adding your own personal style elements, there"s no way that you won’t find a soulmate in one of our stunning pieces.

We"ve hand-selected a few of our favorite Rockabilly dresses lớn show you and we can’t wait for you to fall in love too! Cliông xã on any of the items listed below khổng lồ be taken khổng lồ their purchase pages on our website.


 Rockabilly Fashion: The Rockabilly Dress


Atomic 1960"s Floral Rockabilly Swing Dress 



We"re starting off strong and sweet with our Atomic 1960"s Floral Rockabilly Swing Dress! This floral dream features a retro floral print & a gorgeous square neckline - both details so incredibly Rockabilly. This piece is such a good starting point to lớn build your Rockabilly look and the Rockabilly staple that you absolutely need in your wardrobe!

We sell this little number on our website for only $59 và have sầu it available in sizes M-2XL!


Atomic Vintage Inspired Floral Halter Cocktail Dress


Could this be any more charming? Our Atomic Vintage Inspired Floral Halter Cocktail Dress features this to-die-for A-line swing silhouette và a beautiful, chất lượng vintage floral design. This piece is all about the details and the lines và couldn"t be serving any more sassy femininity if it tried.

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The combination of the halter, collar, and bowknot accent make it so "50s and so unmistakably Rockabilly fashion. You will feel like the absolute dream that you are after slipping this beautiful piece on & adding your own personal flare with accessories, hair, và makeup!

We have sầu this in countless colors và patterns on our website & it is available for only $59 in sizes S-4XL!


Last but definitely not least, our Atomic Vintage Inspired Blaông xã Swing Rockabilly Dress is an absolute staple in a Rockabilly goddess" wardrobe! It is so classic and so clean, featuring an adorable short sleeved kiến thiết and turn-down collar with a super sexy deep neckline.

The bow on the waist leading inkhổng lồ the swing hemline will make you feel so fun & flirty, you"ll forget what life was like before putting it on!

We carry this one on our website in sizes S-4XL và can be the newest edition to lớn your Rockabilly clophối for only $59 as well! What are you waiting for?

What Size Am I?

Because we want to lớn ensure that you get inkhổng lồ the perfect Rockabilly dress for you, we"ve sầu included our sizing guide applicable khổng lồ all of the Rockabilly dresses on our website! Take note, Atomic babes!


 What"s Next?

Thank you so much for reading, gorgeous ladies! If we"ve inspired you to love Rockabilly fashion & Rockabilly-inspired dresses even a small portion of the amount we bởi vì, our mission has been accomplished. We"ve only included three of our Rockabilly dresses here but there"s so much more where that came from!

Don"t believe us? Take a look for yourself at and prepare to get lost in the world of Rockabilly fashion. As always, please get in touch with us regarding any comments or questions you may have sầu about this post or anything at all at support We always love sầu hearing from our Vixens!


Until next time, Happy Shopping!


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