Rip up là gì

rip up

1. To tear something, especially paper, into lớn small pieces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" & "up." The dog ripped up my presentation for science class—now what am I going lớn do? He began ripping the ticket up that had been left on his windshield for parking in a disabled spot.2. To remove something from the ground or floor by pulling or tearing it very forcefully. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" và "up." Don"t wear your cleats when you"re running around my yard or you"ll rip up the grass! We decided it made more since lớn just rip the carpet up rather than paying a speciadanh mục khổng lồ come & clean it.See also: rip, up

rip someone or something up

to tear someone or something inkhổng lồ bits; to mutilate someone or something. Careful! That machine will rip you up if you fall in. I ripped up the contract & threw the pieces in the trash.See also: rip, up

rip something up

khổng lồ take something up by force and remove it. (Usually refers to something on the floor or ground, such as carpeting or pavement.) They are going to rip all the broken sidewalk up. The workers ripped up the pavement and loaded the pieces into lớn a truck.See also: rip, up

rip up


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1. To tear something roughly or energetically inlớn small pieces: He ripped up the letter và threw it away. She ripped the contract up and left the office.2.

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To pull or remove sầu something violently from the ground or floor: When I ripped up the carpet, I could see that the wooden floor was in good condition. The gophers ripped my lawn up.See also: rip, up

ripped (up)

and ripped (off) gian lận. alcohol or drug intoxicated; under the effects of marijuamãng cầu. Why bởi vì you have sầu to lớn get ripped up like that? See also: ripped, upSee also:

rip up

1. bring to recollection; recall回忆;追想He ripped up all he had done in the past.他回忆自己过去所做的一切。2.tear up with an effort;vigorously renounce or tear up(a treaty,etc.)撕毁(条约等)He ripped up the documents.他把文件撕碎了。Whoever rips up the agreement will be condemned.不管谁撕毁协议都要受到谴责。rise in sb. "s opinion improve or go up in sb. "s estimation 获得某人的重视或好评She has risen in my opinion.我对她的评价有所提高。

trip up

make a mistake The teacher tripped up over the correct pronunciation of the president

trip up|trip

v. 1. To make (someone) unsteady on the feet; cause khổng lồ miss a step, stumble, or fall. A root tripped Billy up while he was running in the woods, and he fell & hurt his ankle. 2. To cause (someone) to make a mistake. The teacher asked tricky questions in the test lớn trip up students who were not alert.
rip (someone or something) in twain rip (someone or something) in two rip (someone or something) out of (something) rip (someone or something) lớn bits rip (someone or something) khổng lồ pieces rip (someone or something) khổng lồ shreds rip along rip apart rip away rip down rip in half rip into rip off rip on rip on (one) rip on (someone or something) rip on someone rip out rip out of rip snorter rip somebody/something apart/khổng lồ shreds, bits, etc. rip someone off rip something off rip the heart out of (something) rip lớn rip up rip/tear the heart out of something ripe ripe for (something) ripe old age ripen ripen into ripen into (something) ripen up ripoff rip-off rip-off artist rip-off merchant ripped ripped off ripped up ripping ripple ripple effect ripple of excitement ripple of prodemo ripple through ripple through (someone or something) rip-roaring ripsnorter rip-snorting mad trade-in trading stamp travel light tread water trial and error trial balloon trichồng of the trade triông chồng or treat trip up triple threat tripped out trot out trump card trump up try on try one"s hand try one"s wings
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