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We make a wide variety of fleeces ranging from base layers lớn jackets, pullovers, hoodies, fleece-lined urban sweaters & more.

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We have a backpaông xã for every mission. Whether it is hiking, trail-running, multi-day back-packing, roông chồng climbing, alpine; we designed a pack for that.

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Our activewear products will keep you comfortable, thiết bị di động và feeling great whether you are trail running, hiking, climbing or taking a leisurely stroll in the park.

Dressing well starts from the inside out. A good fitting base layer will help wick moisture away và create a comfortable micro-climate. We have sầu 100% merino, fully synthetic & combination base layers available in different thicknesses.


Love sầu the fit & the warmth is perfect when a winter jacket is too warm and a light weight jacket is not enough!

Ordered a pair... gambled a bit on sizing... they turned out to fit perfectly. So good that I ordered another pair right away! I’ve climbed & hiked in them already. Best lightweight technical outdoor pant I’ve sầu had ever.

With huge hood & real fur to lớn manage the wind this thing is crazy warm. is it’s pretty nice looking too. Wore it at -8f (that’s -22c ) & was perfectly comfortable. Can NOT beat the price for a coat of this unique.

This fits well and looks good. I"m hoping that the elastic around the bottom lasts, there"s no reason khổng lồ think it won"t. It"s a good length for both function & looks. The down is clearly, high quality.

Excellent piece of clothing for cold-weather hiking, or going on a long mountain trip. Really warm, comfortable to wear and super light. I lượt thích the fact that has a lot of pockets which are very convenient. I will order more RedFox clothes and other equipments for sure

Great looking & warm jacket. Wind proof. Lightweight. It is a slyên fitting jacket & I found going up a kích thước from my typical size worked best for me. There is very little bulk in this jacket which is great. It has been cold in the Northeast this winter and this jacket has been perfect.

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I love sầu this jacket, it"s so warm & also super lightweight. Packs down to lớn nearly nothing so great for traveling.

Tundra is wonderful. Warm. Well built. Looks good. As nice or nicer than much more expensive sầu coats/jackets/parkas.

I have sầu bad circulation in hands due lớn drugs I"m on the extreme mittens are great out ice fishing & walking dog on cold days.

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Redfox Buyers do not sover what they want, but what is more convenient for them, I bởi not recommend it

Love the fit & the warmth is perfect when a winter jacket is too warm & a light weight jacket is not enough!

Roman, we are sorry for the inconvenience.We had an error in the inventory và the blachồng shirt was not available.

We emailed you about the situation & asked if you would lượt thích the red shirt instead.We did not receive sầu a response from you in two days và decided lớn sover the red shirt with a note. We thought our tin nhắn may have sầu gotten in your spam folder & sending a different color with a note is better than canceling the order on you.

The note is on the packing slip, but you only photographed the portion of the slip above the note. The note explains the situation and why we sent the red shirt instead of blaông chồng. It also says that should you choose so you can request a return label.

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Our returns are không tính tiền if you send the thành tựu in new condition with tags.We bởi provide excellent cmichael-shanks.comtomer service and we are trying lớn resolve sầu this for you, but we have not received any inquires from you.

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