Can someone explan the "put tank in a mall" meme : outoftheloop

Some time in June năm 2016, a replica of a Singapore Armed Forces tank was exhibited in a FairPrice Xtra outlet.

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The caption that accompanied the exhibit was: "The first tank replica <1-2 scale> ever khổng lồ appear in a hypermarket".

The image promptly made the rounds internationally after it was uploaded on Reddit.

The Internet sniggered, because this was literally "Put tank in a mall", và it was dank.

And it"s little wonder why the SAF tank became so popular because it was a long time coming for this to lớn literally happen -- an Internet meme literally coming to life:


Finally, making mainstream sense now

If none of this barely makes any sense lớn you, we"re almost there.

All you have sầu to lớn know is that the arrival of "Put tank in a mall" inkhổng lồ mainstream consciousness now is the direct result of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte"s insult of United States President Baraông xã Obama during a Sept. 5, năm 2016, news conference.

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Duterte effectively called Obama "a son of a whore" in his native Tagalog, as he lashed out at the US for raising questions about a "drug war" that has killed 2,400 Filipinos.

The Philippine president said:

You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Putang-ina, mumurahin kita diyan sa forums na iyan. Huwag mo akong ganunin (Son of a whore, I"ll curse you at that forum. Don"t bởi vì anything lượt thích that lớn me).

Video here:

For those who still don"t get it: "Put tank in a mall" = "Putang Ina Mo" = "Son of a whore".

There is no better way lớn explain "Put tank in a mall" than the following explainer by a English-Tagalog speaker:

“Putang Ina,” <...> is derived from both Spanish & Philippine terms. The word “puta” is spanish for “Whore” while “Ina” is a Philippine word for “Mother.” P.I. is commonly used as shorth& for its longer variant, “Putang Ina Mo,” which in turn is also shorthand for the sentence, “Puta Ang Imãng cầu Mo.”

Directly translated, “Puta ang imãng cầu mo” means, “Your mother is a whore.”

Therefore, "Put tank in a mall" and "Putang Imãng cầu Mo" are obviously homonyms.

Previously, most people"s experience with "Put tank in a mall" most likely stems from interactions with players from the Philippines during gaming online.

But thanks to lớn SAF và FairPrice Xtra for not possibly anticipating the borrowing of Internet slang, "Put tank in a mall" was a thing & mainstream Singaporeans are the better because of it as we all learnt a bit of Tagalog.

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