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Pure love sầu means to lớn want nothing.

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Pure love sầu cannot be given it can only be shared by two beings of equal pure intensity – its when two individuals don’t mô tả the same pure love sầu, that that chất lượng of exchange turns inlớn a need for help, sympathy, comfort, approval, confirmation or sense of security etc., whereby one (giver) is forever filling a bottomless pit in the other (taker), with so-called love sầu.

Pure love does not expect anything.

Pure love does not dem&. Pure love sầu is natural, gracious and freeing.

In pure love I am detached, meaning I am unaffected by the outcome. I am detached from the outset… I bởi vì not hold onlớn anything. I let go và accept the person or the situation.

Having pure love sầu means khổng lồ bring others closer lớn themselves & to lớn their inner truth.

Pure love means to keep the highest attitude and vision for every soul.

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God’s love is the purest. He doesn’t measure his love sầu nor love sầu you on Tuesdays và not Thursdays! His love is constant & truly altruistic. Although we can’t be God, we can learn that divine love has khổng lồ be of the same measure – pure, constant và selfless…

– Pure Love sầu « Confluence Media.

Two years và many epiphanies later, I am at a point of peace. It took me going through complete and utter heartbreak to underst& what I felt và what I shared in those two years & eight months. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t selfish nor jealous nor possessive nor dependent during that time. My love had lớn make the mistakes và learn. And it’s through those lessons that it grew more. It grew without my knowledge & when my heart was broken, that’s when I truly realized the depth of that love.

The two years since have sầu been a constant fight. A fight for my love sầu. A fight to lớn never give sầu up no matter what the world says nor what I see. I lived as I felt; and it never led me astray. I don’t regret a single tear shed, nor vì I regret embracing the whole pain.

Eventually I came to realize that my love sầu existed without want. It stood steady without expectations. It didn’t wear without attachment. It took me time khổng lồ accept & underst& it. And although there are times when I am lost và I don’t understvà. The love is at peace. It was at peace when there was doubt as lớn if it was shared or only from my side. It accepted that letting go was for his happiness; and it was happy khổng lồ be able to give sầu hlặng that happiness in whatever way possible.

And I felt the purest khung of it last night. As he shared how happy his family & hlặng are now & how strong their bond has become. The only thing I felt was happiness for hlặng. In that moment, I realized I could never ask him of something he feared would come in between that. In that moment, no amount of importance could I find for what I wanted to ask hyên. All I felt was love sầu for hlặng & how I would bởi anything for his happiness. My love sầu would be a selfish lie if I went on and suggested what I had realized in the past few days. But my love does not demand. It is freeing.

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Although the idea of going through life not being able to lớn nội dung my love sầu with hlặng breaks my heart, for his happiness, my love does not want. It does not expect. It is constant. It is strong. And it is.

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