Pixelate an image online for free

Pixelate expands upon the standard Adobe Photosiêu thị Mosaic filter by adding cell outline & width / height features. The user can choose a custom color and intensity for the cell outlines as well as adjust the horizontal và vertical cell sizes.

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Pixelate has an unlimited number of potential uses. From technical imaging effects khổng lồ creative sầu 8-bit styling, pixelate is an indispensable tool to lớn the Photoshop arsenal.


Pixelate supports both 8 bits / channel and 16 bits / channel color modes for professional workflows.


Horizontal / Vertical: These sliders control the form size of the pixelation in the X & Y axis respectively.

Outline: Controls the intensity of the pixelation outline specified.

Outline Color: Specifies the outline color.

Loông xã Horiz/Vert: Locks the vertical slider to lớn the horizontal slider for proportional pixelation.

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v1.0 – First release.v1.1 – Added Realtime display option.v1.1 – Recompiled with updated compiler.v1.2 – Pixelation is now proportionate lớn pđánh giá window size.v1.3 – New GUI thiết kế.v1.3 – Windows Vista Compatibility.v1.4 – Added reset button.v1.4 – PReviews image now scales correctly khổng lồ zoom level.v1.4 – Preview no longer flickers on button / slider adjustment.v1.4 – Ability lớn use up lớn 3 GB of RAM under 32bit Windows (2000, XP.., Vista) và 4 GB of RAM under 64bit Windows (2000, XPhường, Vista).v1.5 – 64 bit release.v1.5 – Simplified interface and removed redundant features.v1.5 – 16 bits / channel color tư vấn.v1.6 – Cleaned up help information.

Installing this software is easy and only requires three simple steps:

1 – Download the software by clicking on the Download Demo button located above sầu on the software page. This will prompt you khổng lồ save sầu a .zip tệp tin on your computer.

2 – Extract the contents from the .zip file & place the .8bf tệp tin into lớn your host’s plugin folder. For instance, khổng lồ install for Adobe Photocửa hàng CS6, place the .8bf file inlớn the location shown below. You can make a sub-folder to keep your plugins organized, such as the one below. Please make sure 64 bit plugins such as these are placed in the corresponding 64 bit Adobe Photocửa hàng plugin thư mục.


If you’re using Photocửa hàng CC (eg. version 2013 – 2019 or later), your Photosiêu thị plug-ins are stored in a thư mục shared between all Photosiêu thị CC versions shown below.

3 – Launch Adobe Photosiêu thị, open an image and cliông xã on Filter > Richard Rosenman > Filter Name.

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If the filter is grayed out, it may not support your current image color depth.

This software is compatible with the following OS:

Windows 10 trang chủ 64 bitWindows 10 Pro 64 bitWindows 10 Enterprise 64 bitWindows 10 Education 64 bitWindows 8 64 bitWindows 8 Pro 64 bitWindows 8 Enterprise 64 bitWindows 7 trang chủ Basic 64 bitWindows 7 trang chủ Premium 64 bitWindows 7 Professional 64 bitWindows 7 Enterprise 64 bitWindows 7 Ultimate 64 bitWindows Vista Home Premium 64 bitWindows Vista Business 64 bitWindows Vista Enterprise 64 bitWindows Vista Ultimate 64 bitWindows XPhường. 64 bitWindows XP. Professional 64 bit

This software is compatible with the following hosts:

Any host capable of running Adobe Photosiêu thị 64 bit compliant pluginsAdobe Photosiêu thị (Version CS5 or higher, including CC) 64 bitAdobe Photoshop Elements (Version 13 or higher, including CC) 64 bitAdobe Illustrator (Version CS6 or higher, including CC) 64 bitComputerinsel Photoline 64 (Version 16 or higher) 64 bitCorelDRAW (Version X6 or higher) 64 bitCorel Painter (Version 12.1 or higher) 64 bitCorel Paint Shop Pro (Version X6 or higher) 64 bitCorel Photo-Paint (Version X6 or higher) 64 bitPaint.NET (with the PSFilterPdn plugin) 64 bitSerif PhotoPlus (Version X6 or higher) 64 bit

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