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a percentage gain/growth/increase Official retail figures for the month of July show the largest percentage increase in retail sales since the beginning of the year.
Percentages of responses consistent with the ending bias were also noted for biased nonwords, & percentages of feminine responses were noted for unbiased nonwords.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the website. Any opinions in the examples vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.
Consider first the percentages of boys characterized by exhibiting each kind of problem at the two ages.
The evidence for the nineteenth century presents a contrasting picture: increasing levels of attendance & membership, which however, represented declining percentages of each city"s population.
After four days of incubation, higher germination percentages were achieved with significantly lower numbers of hard seeds compared to most of the treatments.
The germination percentages for all samples subjected lớn this treatment reached the maximum (mean 96%), và there were no hard seeds after 10 days incubation.
Her percentages cannot be compared with the percentages presented in our article since we were not interested in clitics in general.

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In addition, percentages of grammatical utterances were calculated as a general index of language development.
Figures expressed as percentages were arcsine transformed, while puncture numbers on seeds were log transformed before analysis.
Mean numbers & percentages followed by the same letter did not differ significantly by t-kiểm tra and 2 chạy thử, respectively.
Each of these percentages was based on a maximum of 50 possible correct repetitions (5 nội dung words x 10 sentences).
Data for days 5-6 were estimated using the percentages from days 1-4 so as lớn keep overall efficiency estimates comparable.



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