Daily panty liners

We all know that menstrual pads are for periods – but what about the mysterious panty liner?

Read on to find out what liners are, why you should use a panty liner, and how and when khổng lồ use them!

What is a panty liner?

A panty liner is a thin, absorbent piece of material worn inside underwear — think a thinner version of a period pad. As it’s lighter and thinner, panty liners are designed to lớn act as a barrier against daily vaginal discharge, post-sex discharge or light menstrual flow.

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Why use a panty liner?

Everyday wear

Many people lượt thích to lớn wear a liner every day. Why? It’s common and natural to have sầu some discharge during the day. It can make things a damp and uncomfortable, especially when working out. A panty liner is a great way khổng lồ maintain a ‘fresh và clean’ feeling throughout the day.

Light incontinence

Stress incontinence (SUI) is a type of light urinary incontinence. A weak or damaged urethra can leak when strained — for example when sneezing, jumping or laughing. Many people use panty liners as protection for little leakages.

Incontinence is extremely common, especially after giving birth, so nothing to feel embarrassed about. If you need that more protection than a panty liner can provide, check out the Dry & Light pad for light urinary incontinence.

Lighter period days

A panty liner can give sầu you a bit of protection without using a full-sized menstrual pad – perfect for the light days at the over of your period! Not only does it provide adequate protection, but it saves you wearing and using more than needed.


With a tampon or menstrual cup

Tampons and menstrual cups are great, but there can be a risk of leaking. Using a panty liner in conjunction with a tampon or cup acts as reassurance protection during your period just in case there are leaks.

How lớn use a panty liner

Panty liners are used just like pads.

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Wash your hands before using a panty liner, then peel off the adhesive strip & press them firmly into position.

It’s good to lớn change a panty liner every 3-5 hours to lớn avoid risk of infection or bacterial growth. If the panty liner becomes excessively moist then it must be changed immediately.

Avoid using scented or plastic panty liners as this can lead lớn intimate irritation. Instead use organic cốt tông panty liners — especially if you have sầu sensitive skin. They will minimise your chances of any infections, irritation or discomfort, and will feel much softer và breathable on your skin too.

When to lớn use a panty liner

Use panty liners a few days before your period begins. You may experience spotting và a panty liner will make you feel protected.Keep panty liners at hvà – you never know when you might need a fresh liner. Periods can be irregular or leaks unavoidable. Keep extras in your bag, desk or bathroom so you’re always prepared.Increased vaginal discharge is comtháng during ovulation i.e. the days after your period, so use panty liners then to lớn avoid spoiling your underwear.Panty liners should not be worn during your sleep. This is lớn allow your skin khổng lồ breathe properly and stay comfortable at night.It’s advised lớn avoid using panty liners during heavy periods. Panty liners are designed for lighter flows so won’t be adequate protection.

Different types of panty liners

We’ve all got different habits, và that’s why we have sầu a variety of panty liners for every need. Long, short, wrapped and curved — we offer them all. We guarantee they are always organic & natural & biodegradable!

From briefs lớn bikinis

We’ve sầu got a panty liner that’s soft on your skin và suits the shape of your underwear.


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Our everyday body functions are so important, it’s good to lớn know each other’s ‘normal’ whether it’s discharge, incontinence or periods. We want lớn keep the conversation going so we can ensure our bodies are better understood. Talking about intimate experiences is insightful, empowering & helps giới thiệu information.

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Do you use panty liners every day or at a particular time? Have sầu you found any other uses not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

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