What is a noun?

A noun is a part of speech that names a person, place, thing, idea, action or chất lượng. All nouns can be classified inkhổng lồ two groups of nouns: common or proper.

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Nouns Used in a Sentences

To get an even better grasp on these various noun michael-shanks.com, take a look at these example sentences containing some nouns from the above sầu worksheet. The nouns are highlighted in bold (note some sentences have more than one noun, but khổng lồ keep things simple we"ve highlighted just one).

Let me give sầu you some advice.Life finds a way.With great power comes great responsibility.His biggest regret was not traveling more.The weary army marched on.The congregation gathered to lớn worship.The team from Springfield won the championship.It takes a village lớn raise a child.The teacher writes notes on the blackboard.The board of directors consists of nine individuals.Joey caught a grasshopper with his bare hands.Sarah needs to lớn replace her keyboard.The sunlight beamed through the attic window.Be careful around that rattlesnake!The wheelchair costs a lot of money.Can you add a banana lớn my smoothie?That"s his favorite book.Her blue eyes instantly captured his attention.Hidden from view, the panther stalks its prey.Catch the beautiful sunset from atop Haleakala.Learning lớn play ukelele has been very challenging.

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Walnuts are on sale today.Due to lớn the thin air, Georgimãng cầu found it hard khổng lồ breathe.Have sầu you donated blood lately?The economics of the matter are quite complex.It"s cheaper to buy insurance online.Lorraine prefers juice over water.Can I get the pork cutlet with rice instead of noodles?Eugen stores the wood in the garage.Camping is a great summer activity for the whole family.Bernice enjoys climbing on the weekends.Casey"s been doing a lot of flying lately.Did you know that Africa is much larger than Greenland?Visiting Big Ben was a highlight of the trip khổng lồ London.Roger drives a blue Honda.Final applications are due by the over of January.

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Minnesota borders directly with Lake Superior.How many students attend Stanford University?If I had known about it, I would have signed up for the loyalty program at Starbucks.I don"t know why Susan is so upset.

Learn More About Nouns

This chart has lots of michael-shanks.com of nouns in general. If you are looking for more information, michael-shanks.com also has many articles on the different types of nouns such as Abstract Nouns, Collective sầu Nouns, Compound Nouns, and Concrete Nouns. Each of these articles contains even more michael-shanks.com khổng lồ help illustrate what that type of noun is và how it works. Happy learning!

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