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The Environmental Change Biodiversity Network is a multi-agency long-term integrated retìm kiếm programme to record, analyse and predict environmental change in the United Kingdom. The focus of the network is khổng lồ understand long term air pollution and climate change impacts on biodiversity. All sites operate a uniform system of long-term data collection of physical, chemical & biological variables recorded using strict protocols.

Since 2009 Natural Engl& (NE) has contributed khổng lồ the wider ECBN through its Long Term Monitoring Network (LTMN), which currently stands at 37 sites across Engl&. Seven monitoring protocols are followed for weather, air chất lượng, lvà management, vegetation, soil chemistry & communities, bird and butterfly populations, in order to lớn allow comparability of 10 target habitats on a range of sites across the network. Below are links to protocols và data that have sầu been published as part of this work.

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The ten target types are:1. Broadleaved mixed woodland2. Heathlvà (upl& and lowland)3. Upland blanket bog4. Lowlvà raised bog5. Lowland fen6. Calcareous grassland7. Neutral grassland 8. S& dune 9. Saltmarsh10. Montane

The LTMN Evidence Catalogue, which you can tải về below, lists all the datasets published here on Access to Evidence, as well as further information about the datasets, such as recommended citation.

To download the datasets themselves, và to find out about the sites within the LTMN project, please see the individual Chip Core sites data pages.

Via the links below you can find out more about the different protocols, the project as a whole, and the opportunities available.

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Update May 2020: all LTMN vegetation surveys (no. 80 surveys, spanning 2010 – 2019) have sầu been transferred khổng lồ a new template khổng lồ provide improvements và consistency, and are now fully Quality Assured and republished.

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There are also new datasets for Braunton Burrows, Bure Marshes, Cross Fell, Ennerdale và Scoat Fell, Martin Down, May Moss, North Solent, Thursley, and Woodwalton Fen from the 2019 survey year, available for tải về from the site pages.

For more information please contact the LTMN mailbox LTMN

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