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‘They are laws because they are instructions given by a legitimate authority, not because they are backed up by force.’‘It would be outside the scope of legitimate judicial interpretation.’‘He says tenancy databases are an important và legitimate tool which help real estate agents carry out their job responsibly.’‘Miss Rose submitted that this passage demonstrated that public perception was a legitimate element of penal policy.’‘He had three offshore companies registered in the Isle of Man for legitimate tax avoidance purposes prior lớn his bankruptcy.’‘Pre-emptive proceedings for a negative sầu declaration in a preferred jurisdiction are entirely legitimate.’‘‘What we don"t want khổng lồ vày is criminalize legitimate behavior,’ she argued.’‘But perjury is not a legitimate tool of their trade.’‘The manner in which the trial had been conducted meant that it was necessary lớn do so in order to lớn introduce legitimate examination of the appellant"s evidence at the first trial.’‘The appellant had no other legitimate purpose for making the clayên ổn.’‘But surprisingly, the site appears to lớn be legitimate.’‘However, not only have sầu there been multiple forcible annexations since the Charter"s adoption, but many of them have sầu been accepted as legitimate by the international community.’‘Senior Hill sources acknowledged yesterday that the new rule"s effect on legitimate charities was an unintended consequence.’‘The removal of the appellants has the legitimate ayên of maintaining such control.’‘Only 29 per cent of respondents correctly recognised the government or judiciary as the legitimate authorities to make decisions about the legal status of online content.’‘While the EPA argues that its use of the restraining order is legitimate under the law, there is no unanimity on that point in legal circles.’‘Let"s talk about where you draw the line between legitimate civil disobedience, and what constitutes damage khổng lồ lawful, economical commercial activity.’‘No tax was withheld, và according to Webb he believed this lớn be a legitimate tax avoidance scheme.’‘The Crown Court judge refused to accept this as a legitimate use of the power.’

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legal, lawful, licit, legalized, authorized, permitted, permissible, allowable, allowed, admissible, recognized, sanctioned, approved, licensed, statutory, constitutional, within the law, going by the rules, above sầu board, valid, honest, upright

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