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Established in 1953, Kett Engineering has exclusively served the automotive sầu industry for over three decades. Kett’s core values of integrity, customer service excellence, và teamwork, combined with years of experience have made it a leading service provider in automotive testing và development.

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Kett provides services khổng lồ automotive sầu manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, và giải pháp công nghệ companies on public roads, proving grounds, off-road, và at engineering & technical centers. Kett’s core service offerings include contract recruiting và staffing, proving ground management, demo program development, field và fleet test development, data acquisition và reporting, mapping programs và test trip staffing, and logistics & tư vấn.

Kett’s decades of successful operations is the direct result of its uniquely trained and highly experienced team. Many of the company’s executive management, middle management, and project supervisors have sầu proudly served on the Kett team with tenure in excess of 30 years.

Through skill, dedication, & teamwork, Kett is firmly committed lớn achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers & remaining the automotive industry’s top choice for automotive sầu testing and development services.

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JOIN KETT. We’re always seeking talented, enthusiastic, and motivated people who want to lớn contribute to the exciting opportunities we have sầu available in the automotive sầu testing and development industry.



KETT DELIVERS. Our recruiting department provides nationwide staffing for the automotive industry. Whether it’s professional, technical, or administrative sầu staffing, our experienced recruiters & proven screening processes will source the most suitable candidates available.

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Kett operates out of seven of its own locations in California, Arizomãng cầu, Michigan, & Nevadomain authority. In addition, Kett supports numerous customer locations such as technical centers, proving grounds, and kiểm tra facilities throughout North America. Kett has a long history of servicing customers in extreme environments & remote locations. We’re capable of operating anywhere in North America. We are where you need us.

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