Iniquity meaning

the use of illegal narcotics is not only a destroyer of personal health but also an iniquity that undermines our society a nation still struggling with the aftereffects of the iniquity of slavery

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Recent Examples on the Web New limited series Blaông chồng Narcissus (airing in the UK on BBC One) will follow one convent’s intense struggle to maintain its sanctitude amidst a community that tests it devotion lớn God, carefully toeing the line between piety & iniquity. — Ineye Komonibo,, "The Nuns Are Out Of Control In This Twisted New Blaông chồng Narcissus Remake," 23 Sep. 20đôi mươi The question then was: Where would people go for their fix of iniquity? — Mike Scott,, "How a 1920s Bourbon Street nightclub called Maxime forever transformed the French Quarter," 15 Sep. 2020 The house long has been typecast as a den of iniquity, a fantasy hideout for rappers lượt thích Snoop Dogg và G-Eazy in their music videos or pornographer Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski. — Gary Baum, The Hollywood Reporter, "The Peculiar Life of the Man in the "Big Lebowski" House: An NBA Superfan’s Wild L.A. Mansion," 12 Mar. 2020 The iniquity of what was done khổng lồ Seberg, harrying her inlớn a breakdown, is beyond dispute; but there’s a problem with Andrews’s movie. — Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, "The Precarious Descent of “Seberg”," 6 Dec. 2019 The 8,000-square-foot former den of iniquity has been running (quietly) since early September, but Club Pink Pussycat will hold an official grvà opening buổi tiệc ngọt Nov. 27.

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— Madeleine Marr,, "Miami’s infamous pink strip club just quietly reopened after almost a decade," 31 Oct. 2019 The Bible talks about the mystery of iniquity or in some versions the spirit of lawlessness. — The Rev. Mike Taylor,, "Taylor: The mystery of iniquity in today’s world & the coming spiritual ‘reset’," 23 Aug. 2019 The result is an energetic, colourful tour of the city’s dens of iniquity. — The Economist, "Music & morals in New York’s ragtime age," 15 Aug. 2019 The musical Hamilton does the same thing in its ambivalent dynamic of denouncing slavery’s iniquities while suggesting that its own protagonists were exempt from them. — Sarah Churchwell, The Thủ đô New York Reviews of Books, "‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt khổng lồ Slavery," 11 June 2019

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History & Etymology for iniquity

Middle English iniquite, from Anglo-French iniquité, from Latin iniquitat-, iniquitas, from iniquus uneven, from in- + aequus equal

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