Infotainment là gì

(in television) the reporting of news và facts in an entertaining and humorous way rather than providing real information:

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After this false separation, there has come a kind of false conflation suggested by such terms as "infotainment".
I expect a high correlation between exposure on television & in the sports newspaper because both are considered soft và infotainment types of media.
It contains an extraordinary combination of "infotainment" and fun-fair elements - mainly the work of other designers.
She has also stated that the channel will be committed lớn hard news not the salacious infotainment made popular on competitor cable news nets.
The buttons on the infotainment system have been placed around the gauge screen và on the steering wheel for convenience.
Some seats in the 1st class section (in some trains also in 2nd class) are equipped with đoạn phim displays showing movies and pre-recorded infotainment programmes.
Additionally, an electronics division designs and manufactures analog & digital instrument clusters, infotainment systems and hands free electronics.
This further reduces the size, weight, & cost of cables for infotainment and safety camera applications.

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It focuses on interactive sầu entertainment, infotainment, edutainment, hardware & the latest hệ thống technologies.
This edition of the fest included events, guest lectures, workshops and infotainment shows; some of these were conducted for the first time.
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