Incident (noun) american english definition and synonyms

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‘The occurrence and magnitude of incidents related to lớn economic, social and political instability are unpredictable.’‘Over the years Arthur has had many amusing incidents happen to lớn hlặng.’‘I would lượt thích to lớn relate a recent incident that happened lớn one of my friends in her 30s.’‘Space permits me khổng lồ relate just two incidents that happened recently khổng lồ members of the running fraternity in Sligo.’‘All reasonable people underst& that acts of God, accidents, or incidents will happen that will affect the unique of drinking water.’‘Finally she calmed down and, regaining composure, proceeded with the wedding as if the incident had never happened.’‘All of these incidents started happening a year ago next year.’‘In a bizarre but later understandable chain of events, an incident happened in seconds that ruined the lives of four men and ended that of a fifth.’‘He saw that she showed no sign of being scared on tài khoản of the occurrence of a political incident.’‘Similar explosive sầu incidents happen regularly around the world and occasionally get inlớn the press, or in Japan, on experimental TV.’‘Wildlife rescuers said they were shocked and devastated by three incidents, which have happened in the past week.’‘Then a couple of incidents happened one after the other that changed my life.’‘When these incidents happen it is wasteful for the time of business people travelling through.’‘Lipton survived the affair and told shareholders the incident had happened years before & the practice had been given up.’‘It chronicles where the incident happened, when, & in what circumstances.’‘Opposition councillors have sầu questioned how the incident was allowed lớn happen in the first place.’‘The incident happened in 1994 as mourners gathered after the funeral of the boy"s grandfather.’‘That"s one of the really fun things about writing - you can take incidents that happened lớn you, và you can relate them và make them part of somebody toàn thân else"s story.’‘I would like khổng lồ relate lớn you & your readers an incident that happened khổng lồ me not long ago and express my gratitude and admiration for all those involved.’‘The embarrassing incident happened just a day after their debut album ‘Handshakes for Bullets’ was released.’

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event, occurrence, occasion, episode, experience, happening, proceeding, eventuality, affair, business

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