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‘Than remove the drain hose from the drain line & place it, along with the inlet water hoses into lớn the tube.’‘Many have taken khổng lồ hiding their garden hoses or to watering plants after dark so that few questions are asked.’‘Water và fertilizer are dispersed to lớn the plants via hoses, Y-connections & drip pins.’‘Water & air are pumped at high pressure through hoses to a manifold khổng lồ which the flexible hoses, which lead to lớn the lances, are connected.’‘At Coggeshall fire station, firefighters và their families swapped fire hoses for oto wash hoses & brushes for their sponsored car wash.’‘Flexible hoses deteriorate over time; wipe them with a dry rag khổng lồ see if there is an odor of gasoline.’‘Mound soil into lớn foot-tall beds, then lay drip tubing or soaker hoses down the center.’‘Tankers have sầu khổng lồ use floating hoses to lớn connect with a single buoy mooring, which channel oil through subsea hoses to the pipelines.’‘To make the clean up of large pots easier, Mattison has one oversized, deep sink và a faucet with a pullout nozzle and a flexible hose.’‘Rainwater is far more beneficial for plants than water from your hose.’‘A soaker hose waters the base of every plant, thereby minimizing blaông chồng spot and mildew problems that often arise from wetting the leaves.’‘Control the pests by blasting them from the plants with a strong jet of water from the hose and, if necessary, following up with insecticidal soap.’‘As a last touch, I usually turn my water hose lớn a fine mist và give all my new plants a nice clean shower.’‘At least 75 firefighters were using three hoses, three ground monitors & two aerial monitors at the scene at the height of the btia laze.’‘Firefighters used their hoses khổng lồ clear oil from the road before it was reopened.’‘Last week, Rous Water banned the use of sprinklers, soaker hoses and fixed hoses.’‘Along the way, we passed a fire fighter using a hose khổng lồ soak smouldering roots with water.’‘The firefighters played their hoses over the btia laze with no real effect, knowing the fire would have to burn itself out.’‘For the moment the vegetables are watered by means of a hose, but a sprinkler system is in the process of being installed, funded by Region 4.’

2treated as plural Stockings, socks, và tights (especially in commercial use)

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‘her hose had been laddered’
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‘Get sexy and lean for night with blaông chồng fishnet hose as favored by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent.’‘If so, should you wear hose with them or brave the cold?’‘Thinking some more, I think you should definitely go without the hose.’‘Well, one day I decided khổng lồ wear the hose with a pair slacks to lớn work.’‘What they thought of a young woman wearing mud splattered boots và hose, her hair plaited lượt thích a child"s và in sore need of a bath, I did not know.’‘She panted as she struggled out of her heels và hose.’‘Pale pink toenails were visible through translucent hose.’

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