3 or less commonly hobo bag : a large shoulder bag shaped like a pouch To punctuate the all-blue outfit, the actress slung on an unstructured, oversized suede hobo, a practical antidote khổng lồ the current craze for fanny packs & mini bags.— Edward Barsamian

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Synonyms: Noun

sundowner , swaggie , swagman , Visit the Thesaurus for More

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun From Japanese internees và hobos at the turn of the 20th century lớn taggers at the turn of the 21st, these graffiti artists reveal Los Angeles’s underground history. — Thành Phố New York Times, "New & Noteworthy Visual Books, From Los Angeles Graffiti lớn Korean Art," 24 Mar. 20trăng tròn Maisel bought the abandoned building in 1966, when the neighborhood was flush with hobos và artists, và the building is inextricably connected with his work as a photographer. — Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times, "Review: ‘Jay Myself’ salutes both a building & its longtime owner, photographer Jay Maisel," 15 Aug. 2019 The show started with asymmetrical skirts in large, dyed patchwork denim paired with slouchy jackets & hobo bags in earth tones. — Washington Post, "Before Oscars, stars pachồng Tom Ford’s fashion week show in LA," 8 Feb. 20đôi mươi Alternatively, squishable soft pouches and hobo bags have married into lớn the ultimate hybrid baguette, with options from Bottega Veneta, Rag và Bone, and Staud. — Madeline Fass, Vogue, "The Beloved ‘90s Shoulder Bag Gets a Modern Update for 20trăng tròn," 21 Jan. 2020 Devon was played by Devon Abner, who in the episode in question was the one dressed as a hobo.

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— Omar Sanchez, EW.com, "Creed Bratton was almost written off The Office during show"s second season," 15 Jan. 2020 The poems depict a world of modern day hobos who lurk in train yards, and roam the underbelly of secondary cities lượt thích Moorhead & Bellingđắm đuối. — Jeff John Roberts, Fortune, "Crypto’s Crown Prince Survived ‘The Craziest Bubble Ever.’ Now He’s Ready For a Second Act," 11 Dec. 2019 Abood kept it simple with a large peace-sign necklace & a hobo bag. — Greg Burnett, cleveland, ""Think và Drink’: There’s a tiệc ngọt at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History each third Thursday," 29 Nov. 2019 There’s a pleasant, scraggly, modern hobo, surfer-dude aesthetic lớn Creamery Station. — John Adamian, courant.com, "Creamery Station a delicious CT-based roots-jam b& coming khổng lồ State House," 22 Nov. 2019

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