History là gì

(the study of or a record of) past events considered together, especially events of a particular period, country, or subject:
something that happened or ended a long time ago và is not important now, or a person who is not important now, although they were in the past:

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something that has been done or experienced by a particular person or thing repeatedly over a long period:
(the study of) past events considered together, esp. events or developments of a particular period, country, or subject:
something that has been done or experienced by a particular person or thing many times over a long period:
This is the 50th consecutive month of uninterrupted job growth, the longest in the nation"s history.

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The other point about official histories is that they have a tradition of being rather bl&, indeed boring, in tone.
Indeed, from this perspective sầu, one could equally well argue for similarities in their sociolinguistic histories.
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However, in the present study, boys" relationship histories were on a continuum going from not knowing each other to lớn seeing their partners very often.
Such reactions may be seen as perpetuating the immaturity of those with resistant histories và the expectations for rejection of those with avoidant histories.
chú ý that the proof does not require the background assumptions; it only requires the very weak assumption that there exist the three histories mentioned.
Since then at least eight other cathedrals have been similarly memorialised và several other cathedral histories are currently in the process of being written.
Utilitarianism and prioritarianism make a strong assumption about measures of how good lotteries over histories are for individuals, or for short, individual goodness measures.
Another problem is that the agency histories are too often inadequate, inaccurate or simply incomprehensible.
There are a number of possible reasons for the abbey"s surprising absence from most religious histories of the period.
Later chapters cover ores và waste products, diamonds & their histories and the nature of the planetary bodies of the solar system.
Large forces và weighty histories are at work here, and their presence should be acknowledged và thought about.


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This is needed, for architectural history started in connoisseurship, with the object extracted from its context, & could only engage a few special cases.

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I think it is the most pathetic, the most tragic, chapter of history which it is possible khổng lồ conceive.




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