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Colorabởi vì Rep. Lauren Boebert’s chiến dịch sent ‘hell no to lớn taking our guns’ gmail hours after Boulder shooting Last Updated: March 23, 2021 at 1:15 p.m. ET First Published: March 23, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. ET

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The fundraising letter drew backlash following the mass shooting that killed 10 people in her trang chính state


Rep. Lauren Boebert participates in a discussion on the Right khổng lồ Bear Arms during the Conservative Political kích hoạt Conference. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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As the nation mourned its second mass shooting within a week on Tuesday, a Coloravì Republican drew backlash for appearing to use the tragedy as a fundraising opportunity. 

Two hours after a gunman fatally shot 10 people in a Boulder grocery store, Rep. Lauren Boebert’s chiến dịch sent supporters an email with the subject line “I told Beto lớn ‘HELL NO’ lớn taking our guns. Now we need khổng lồ tell Joe Biden.”

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Journalist David Gura tweeted a screenshot of the tin nhắn on Monday, which named President Joe Biden & House Speaker Nancy Pelomê mẩn among muốn the “radical gun-grabbing left” that it claimed is trying to “violate your due process và criminalize the private transfer of firearms.” Critics called her “heartless” and “out of touch” in condemning the timing of the tin nhắn. 

“Here is the message in full, paid for by Lauren Boebert for Congress,” Gura wrote. 

“What she is demonstrating is that money is more important lớn her than the lives of Coloradans,” responded one woman in the comments. 

Boebert’s campaign was not immediately available for phản hồi. 

She was also criticized for tweeting about President Biden và immigration as news reports of the mass shooting in her home page state began circulating. “The White House nhà trắng just called a lid at 1:13pm today. Biden is baông xã in the basement, figuratively at least,” she tweeted at 3:51 p.m. MT, about half an hour after a live stream showed officers on the scene of the Boulder shooting taking a shirtless man with blood on his leg inlớn custody. 

“Lauren, turn on the news,” activist và writer Charlotte Clymer tweeted at her.

“People were killed by an active sầu shooting in YOUR state while you were thinking up this rubbish,” added another follower. “At least PRETEND to be a decent human being who cares about her constituents instead of just getting some cheap attention.” 

About an hour later, Boebert then tweeted a statement reading “My prayers are with the shoppers, employees, first responders & others affected by the shooting in Boulder.” 

And she followed up on Tuesday by sharing a post honoring Boulder officer Eric Talley, 51, who was killed while responding to Monday’s shooting. “He died a anh hùng,” she wrote. 

The staunch Second Amendment supporter has opposed gun control & background checks, and her name trended on Google GOOGL, +0.52% và Twitter TWTR, -1.44% over Tuesday morning as the recent tragedies in Boulder & in Atlanta last week renewed the nation’s gun control debate. Terms including “AR 15” và “NRA” và hashtags lượt thích #GunControlNow were trending topics on Tuesday, as well. 

Boebert is also the owner of a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colo., called Shooters Grill, which boasts that its waitresses wear firearms while serving customers.

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