Haruko: name meaning, popularity, and similar names

FLCL: 10 Hidden Details Fans Missed About Haruko Haruko is either one of the most loved anime figures or the least understood. Here are some details you missed about FLCL"s protagonist/antagonist.

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There are so many anime out there that there are multiple sub-genres in genres now. Usually, fans can determine just which genre their anime fits. However, Fooly Cooly breaks the mold when it comes to this aspect as it falls inkhổng lồ so many different anime categories that it makes one of its own.

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Its main protagonist & antagonist Haruko is either one of the most loved anime figures or in some cases, the least understood. For fans who know her & love her, she can be both.

In most cases, figuring out the career of the main characters is simple. In fact, few fans probably ever give sầu much thought as to lớn what their favorite anime character does for a living. As for Haruko, she is shown in Fooly Cooly as being anything from a teacher to lớn a nanny but her actual real job description is extraterrestrial investigator.

Of course, given her propensity lớn lie along with her laông chồng of emotional and mental stability, her real job description might never be understood.

Most anime are clear about not just the intentions of the characters but also, the real names of the characters shown. Of course, there is always one out there where there is a surprise hidden name-dropped towards the end.

However, when it comes lớn Haruko in Fooly Cooly, one of the most mysterious aspects of her character is her various uses of aliases when she is in different roles. As a teacher, she is Miss Shimazaki & as a babysitter, she calls herself Haruha Raharu.

For the fans who vì chưng not believe that voice acting changes the portrayal of a character has never truly watched anime in both Japanese và its English dub. Sometimes a person"s favorite character is given such a bad voice actor or actress that the very being of the character lacks its original portrayal.

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Fooly Cooly director Kazuya Tsurumaki personally chose the English voice actress who would portray Haruko, as he wanted someone who portrayed the same essence as the original.

Fans of Fooly Cooly who are not fluent in the Japanese language might have missed one of Haruko"s insults. During the first episode when she runs over Naota on her Vespa làm đẹp she refers to lớn hlặng as Taro-kun, she continues to lớn refer to lớn hlặng by this name throughout the episode.

In Japanese, the word Taro is the English equivalent of John Doe. So, even after Haruko learns that his real name is Naota, she still doesn"t give sầu hyên the respect of using it. At least not in the first episode.

Haruko is truly one of those characters that fans can never really gauge. Sometimes she is laid bachồng, other times she is quite hostile và on several different occasions, she appears lớn have a very sexualized demeanor. This is a bit odd since Naota is still just a kid and she is possibly in her early twenties.

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Creepy vibes aside, her sexual fantasies revolving around these objects aren"t exactly hidden from fans but her sexual feelings towards those who have sầu these objects protruding from their heads are unknown.

5 Haruko Is Left Handed

It is quite unusual khổng lồ learn just which hvà that a favorite anime character plays their guitar with but luckily for Fooly Cooly fans we can learn this from the type of guitar she is first seen with.

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In her opening scene when she hits Naota with her Vespa làm đẹp, she is shown lớn have a 1974 left-handed Azureglo Rickenbacker 4001c64 electric bass guitar. This guitar has a xanh and white mix to lớn it with a fine finish. For its age, it looks lớn be in absolutely pristine condition.

The people who are hardcore rockers who end their shows with smashing their guitars to lớn little bits, usually have sầu the money and resources to lớn buy new ones. To most, damaging their prized guitar might be seen somewhat strange and probably ludicrous khổng lồ vày but for Haruko this is everyday behavior.

Mainly because her guitar has many other attachments khổng lồ it. It can be used as a blunt object such as a bat. It can shoot lượt thích a gun, fly lượt thích a hoverboard and also features a saw.

3 A Real-Life Vespa Is Shown In The Credits

Usually, only MCU fans stick around for the credits. In fact, in those movies, people actually look forward lớn the end credits for all the post-scene hints that are dropped for upcoming films.

Sadly, the same can"t be said for fans of other movies, television series or anime, who usually cut the TV off as soon as the over credits appear. In Fooly Cooly, the over credits vị have sầu a really cool few minutes of the real-life version of the Vespa driving itself around Japan.

The great thing about Fooly Cooly is there constant attempts to tie in with other well-known animes & TV shows that come before it. When Miya-Jun"s oto is destroyed by the Canti in episode 3, a miniature Kenny from South Park is seen in the wreckage.

In episode 2, Naota explains that the reason why his father acts so strange is because he just wrote a book about the mysteries of Neon Genesis Evangelion and in the same episode Haruko fixes her Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp with a Mobile Suit Gundam part.

1 Haruko"s Many Ages

Probably one of the only consistencies in Fooly Cooly is Haruko"s ability or inability, lớn tell the truth. Not only does she give sầu herself numerous names but she also changes her age on a whyên ổn in many different episodes.

In the original Fooly Cooly, she says that she is 19, while in the Progressive snapshots she is 16. Even before the anime aired, some of the early concept art had her age at trăng tròn but also explained in Alternative that she can"t age past 19.

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