Troye sivan

Troye Sivan is a South African-born, Australian-bred actor & singer-songwriter. He is best known as an actor for playing young James Howlett in the 2009 X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and John "Spud" Milton in the Spud South Africa movie franchise. Troye first came lớn the Australian public"s attention when he made it to the gr& finals of StarSearch 2007. His debut album, Dare to Dream, was released the following year. After accumulating a large bạn base through his YouTube channel, Troye was signed lớn EXiaoMI Australia in 2013 & released his debut major label EPhường, TRXYE, on August 15, 2014. This is the lead single from the project.
The tuy vậy details a friend"s battle with depression, Troye wrote on his Tumblr that he wrote the tune "during a bit of a rough time for someone super cthua thảm khổng lồ me, and for myself, and it still means as much khổng lồ me as the day I wrote it, & I"m still as in love sầu with it as the day I wrote it."
Many of Troye"s fans believe sầu the tuy vậy was penned about Troye"s frikết thúc and YouTube sensation Connor Franta, who left the channel Our2ndLife in part because of a battle with depression.

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Troye told VidCon 2014 attendees in June năm trước regarding the song"s meaning: "It"s about loneliness & the different ways that people cope with the things that are going on in their lives."
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