Gym rat

1. When you miss a fitness class or a workout, you genuinely feel a sense of guilt. You feel the need to lớn explain yourself khổng lồ everyone, from the reception greeters khổng lồ the maintenance staff.

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2. Speaking of the greeters & the maintenance staff, you are on a first-name basis with all of them. In fact, almost everyone who works at the thể hình knows your name, how many siblings you have sầu, your star sign, etc.

3. You buy Holiday gifts/baked treats for the thể hình staff just because. And they definitely give you perks lượt thích letting you go in without swiping your gym pass or a không tính phí thắng lợi from the gym restaurant/bar every now & then.

4. You’ve been invited lớn the gym’s EMPLOYEE Holiday tiệc ngọt before.

5. You have the phone numbers of all your favorite instructors and they inkhung you when they have to unexpectedly get a sub for their class. When they’re going to be running late for class, they text you to lớn inkhung the class they will be there shortly.

6. If you don’t tell your gym instructors that you’re on vacation or out of town for a period of time, they will Điện thoại tư vấn, text, tin nhắn, Facebook, & Tweet you khổng lồ make sure you’re not dead.

7. Fellow patrons come to you for advice about form, workouts, and whether you’ll join their sport-related sự kiện for charity.

8. Other thể hình rats never fail khổng lồ phản hồi, “You are always here!” (Obviously, if they always see you when you’re at the gym, that means they’re always there too.)

9. You have sầu been asked more than once if you work at the thể hình.

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10. You’ve also been mistaken for a personal trainer. (LOLOLOL…No.)

11. People always ask if you’d consider getting into lớn fitness part-time or full-time. (You would but you wonder if this won’t get in the way of having time for your own work outs.)

12. You vày laundry once a week solely because you don’t want you thể hình clothes sitting in the laundry basket, getting nasty. Alternatively, you have a laundry basket just for your thể hình clothes.

13. Speaking of thể hình clothes, they biến hóa about 30 – 50% of your clophối.

14. And you think shopping for thể hình clothes is the most enjoyable khung of shopping. Example: Texts you’ve sầu sent your friends, “AAAHHHH, my new sports bra is the SHIT!”

15. If you calculate how much you spend annually on your gym membership, thể hình clothes, add-on fitness classes, sports races, & team sports participation, you could probably have gone on at least one all-expense paid trip khổng lồ Fiji. Maybe two.

16. You take more showers at the gym than in your own apartment.

17. Spending a total of 3 hours at the gym seems like a completely normal thing to lớn bởi vì & you don’t understand why people think you’re strange.

18. You schedule dates around your gym schedule. “Well, I usually get done working out at 8 P.M. So you want lớn go lớn dinner at 9.30? “(And if your date can’t accept that, you know it’s probably never going khổng lồ work.)

19. Speaking of, you don’t think you could date someone who doesn’t work out at all. It’s the first sign the relationship is simply going khổng lồ fail. Nope, you’re not going there.

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trăng tròn. When people ask you lớn name a menu of things you can’t live without. Your thể hình membership is in the top 5.

21.You wonder what exactly people vày with their lives when they say things lượt thích, “I don’t work out.” No seriously, what vị they do?


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