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‘their moisturizers don"t feel greasy’‘Turning the mat over we are presented with more of a glossy finish, which is quite susceptible khổng lồ finger prints và greasy marks.’‘It is weathered from multiple readings, with pages smudged from my greasy fingers.’‘I glanced down at my greasy clothing covered in paint.’‘The raider combed through his beard with greasy fingers, contemplating the small quiet village that lay in the glen where he hid his bvà of mercenaries.’‘His fingers immediately became greasy, forcing his face lớn pale.’‘I push on the diner"s front doors, my fingers touching greasy glass.’‘The partridge was great, though - well worth getting my fingers greasy.’‘The thought of her greasy finger prints destroying the delicate paint over hundreds of years drove me mad.’‘I watched his back retreat before rubbing my eyes wearily and fingering the greasy money in my hand.’‘He pushed three greasy, black-nailed fingers up the sleeve sầu of his overall and indifferently scratched his arm.’‘I handed my money khổng lồ the cab driver, trying to lớn avoid the touch of his greasy fingers.’‘On the day of our visit meat, vegetables, dirty dishes and greasy pots and pans littered the small counter, sink và floor.’‘It is because they think it is dirty, greasy and smelly.’‘Lanolin from greasy wool stains timber floors and walls and the smell of manure from beneath the shed becomes stifling.’‘Do you want greasy blue smudges coming through your new Andy Warhol print?’‘There had been mould & flaking paint on the walls, doors were dirty và ceilings greasy.’‘Candy was found scattered all over dirty, greasy counters.’‘The dry cleaning solvent dissolves oils and greasy soil.’‘Glazed cabinets retain the airiness of open shelving, without the hassle of dusty, greasy dishes lingering on an open shelf.’‘When it looked lượt thích we had nearly finished, another load of dirty dishes và greasy frying pans were dumped in the water.’

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