Goal oriented là gì

a goal-oriented person or team works hard to achieve sầu good results in the tasks that they have sầu been given:

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The management team was made up of ambitious, goal-oriented types who"d worked hard for their positions.

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But then you get to lớn know him, and he"s engaging, he"s smart, he"s driven, he"s goal-oriented, and he worked very hard.
It can only vì so, however, if the government is allowed khổng lồ apply a pragmatic, consistent, and goal-oriented approach to lớn development.
He also noted that most veterans at school seem more focused and goal-oriented than traditional college students.
An energetic, goal-oriented entrepreneur, he found himself doing technical and administrative tasks rather than the high-value activities that move his business forward.
I mean that there"s a universal urge or tendency toward design & organization that changes over time in a discernible, seemingly goal-oriented direction.
He"s destination-focused & goal-oriented, so if you give hlặng a goal, he"ll vày everything he can khổng lồ meet it.

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These shows were outward-looking, goal-oriented, and provided an explicitly clear agendomain authority & villain to lớn blame, and a hero to save sầu the situation.
In other words, they found that goal-oriented visualizations actually lessen the desire lớn achieve the goal.
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