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Cold rooms Packaged Produce

Air coolers are finned heat exchangers in which a working fluid heats up with heat absorption from the environment lớn be cooled, without changing the aggregate state. The units serve as components of a system, e.g. for conditioning the room air or cooling goods.

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Evaporators are finned heat exchangers serving as components of a refrigeration system, in which liquid refrigerant evaporates with heat absorption from the environment khổng lồ be cooled. The units are used e.g. in deep-freeze applications in food storage.


Robust thiết kế Suction fans, wide air throw Large variety of types Many thiết kế types

Easy to lớn Install

Ceiling mounting brackets for easy installation Empty tube for defrost sensor Side cover with hinges and quick-release fastener Schrader valve on outlet

Inspection và Cleaning

Hinged tray

HACCPhường. Hygiene Certificate

Suitable for rooms used for food processing All materials used approved for foodstuffs Drip tray with edges inclined at 45° angle Easy to lớn clean

High Operational Reliability & Leak-Safety

Proven Güntner floating coil principle (refrigerantcarrying tubes vị not make liên hệ with the casing;increases the heat exchanger’s service life)

Heat Exchanger

Aligned or staggered tube pattern Special copper tubes for HFC, coolant and CO2 Stainless steel tubes for NH3 Surface-corrugated aluminium fins for high heat transfer


Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy AlMg up lớn 500 milimet bạn diameter Galvanized steel, from 710 milimet tín đồ diameter Powder-coated with RAL 9003 Hinged side cover with hinges Fans positioned at an angle (from 710 mm) improve sầu the air throw và defrosting behaviour


Hinged & thermally-decoupled (condensation free) Separate drip plate Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy AlMg Powder-coated with RAL 9003 Large condensation drain with 45° incline


Proven unique fans Standard with two speeds (for bạn diameter of 500 mm) Motor protection with thermocontacts 230 V, 1~, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (up to lớn construction size 450) 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz or 60 HzWired on connection socket in factory (GHF)

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Güntner heat exchangers for Swiss logistics distribution centre và wholesale bakery

Swiss retail merchant Coop’s largest logistics site in the Swiss canton of Aargau contributes significantly to the company’s vision lớn become CO2-neutral by 2023 in areas on which Coop can exert a direct influence. Efficient Güntner heat exchangers tư vấn this ambitious goal: They are used to cool storage and logistics areas & dissipate non-usable heat from the plant rooms.

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Precise cooling: Fish production in Vietphái nam

The new fish factory of Hung Vuong Ben Tre produces frozen food in line with HACCP directives for the European & Russian market every day. About 1,500 employees process approx. 250 tonnes of seafood per day on a total area of 30,000 m². Güntner evaporators, air coolers và coils reliably provide normal-temperature và low-temperature storage rooms & freezers with cold. A thermowave plate heat exchanger is used here khổng lồ connect the primary with the secondary circuit.

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Sprayed Güntner condenser for R-723 compressor

Western Slovakia"s largest ammonia methyl ether plant (R-723) supplying cold và, at the same time, hot water is installed on top of the roof of the poultry production facility HYZA in Topolčany. It is only non-usable heat that is dissipated to the surroundings by a Güntner dry cooler V-SHAPE Vario, type GFD, via a water/glycol circuit. Five sầu Güntner CUBIC Vario air coolers were installed for the cooling of expedition rooms.

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Perfect freshness for fruit and vegetables

For the area storage facility and the cooling rooms of the new Gartner storage facility in Kehl, a coolant system with NH3 liquid chillers with flooded operation và evaporative sầu condensers was designed.

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