What's in a name? a lot, when you travel




Thanks a lot lớn teach us.I’m wondering if you could give sầu us a lesson about countries names spelling or prepositions .

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Hi, that’s lessons are very interesting, I lượt thích lớn heard those lessons because I need khổng lồ practice & understand the conversations, this’s my regular ability & sometimes is difficult khổng lồ understand.Thank a lot.

This site is very useful, thank you all, Please vị not stop these useful lessons, I’m your biggest fanT.C(^^)

Idon;t know how lớn thank you .I would lượt thích lớn give you this proverb a apressnt. ‘better than a thousvà days of diligene study is one say with great teacher J

I don’t know how to lớn thank you. I would like lớn give you this proverb as a present.“Better than a thousvà days of diligent study is one say with a great teacher.” -Japanese proverb

sorry. not say. It should be day. ” Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”

I come from Viet Nam, too.I am also interested in her teaching way.Really happy to lớn make a friendship with you! Have sầu a wonderful day!

What about the maiden names? In Mexico is comtháng lớn have sầu two last names, and ours complete names are created with the first, middle, last và second last names.

Thanks for sharing that info with us. You are absolutely right. I know several wonderful Mexican students with beautiful long names.

The term maiden name refers lớn a woman’s family name or last name before she got married. Of course, not all women change their names to lớn the husband’s family name upon marriage!

Thank you very much. Your lessons have sầu a lot of useful information & they are so superb.Thank you all.

Dear Ms. Rebeca,Thanks for the lesson. I am from Bangladesh & as per our custom some names has no links with family name also we never asked for it such as my name is Mohammed Bazlur Rahman và my father name is Abdul Latif. In my passport & other certificates my name is written only Mohammed Bazlur Rahman.

My question is how I will write my first, middle và last name. You kind advice will be highly appreciated.Best regards,

An interesting t& difficult question!

I would look in the passport & follow what they have sầu done. So it MAY be that Mohammed is your first name, Bazlur is your middle name, and Rahman is your family or last name. I cannot be sure though.

Please check with other English speakers or teachers in your country as there are national and cultural differences which determine the answer khổng lồ your question.

Thanks for teaching me something, too.

hi mam i m from pakistanso here my name is (MUHAMMAD QAMAR-uz-ZAMAN) can u tell me whats my given name,surname,second name.Last (family/surname) name,thanksRegard!

hello very thankfull every one who teach me english. i like this side this side provide videos lessons

hello, teacher and friends. Thank you, Rebecca for your classes. I have dificult lớn understand everything that you speak because I need more training lớn audition. Despite this, I am persistent and I am always seeking more knowledge and this site has helped me quite.

hi great teacher ms rebeccai want khổng lồ speek easly & with out stop but this more difficult because here no english speaker all arabic.i every day search on google to get some friend và start conversation lớn improve sầu my english but not no succes only i get you site this very interastingi do mistake in spellplease check my english và told me what i bởi wrong& heandover my mistakepleaseyour student jamilbest regard.

There are many english students community in mạng internet, like Englishtown, Livemothân phụ & Busuu. Try these & good luông chồng.

thanks all for you! that web site is very usefull for me.. if possible can i ask a question for you. in some culturs use special name for people. taht names will give sầu khổng lồ people during the their life. for example anh hùng, brave etc.. how can we called that names?thanks again..

Dear Ms. Rebeca,why in Canada you don’t have middle name ?last name in your cultural refer to father name or khổng lồ grandfather name ? I know 11 names of my grandfathers in my cultural the family name is last one, what about yours?

Hi Rebecca i am your new student,but i am bigenery i want khổng lồ bigan low level.thank you for teaching us english.

hi i would lượt thích to lớn ask what if i have sầu got a chinese name & a christian name like example: tung wei wei rebecca? which is my given name? pls help!

hi dear madam i dont know the differences between sub_ordinating and co_ordinating conjunction if can give sầu my answer skết thúc it lớn my e mail

Hi Rebbeca, this lesson help me a lot.Thank you so much.Could you explain us the correct use of the words:upon, inlớn and onlớn ?.Thanks again.

thanks alot I’m from egypt . I love english very much and I hope to speak it lượt thích native and I found great help in this site

could u please give sầu a lecture on the use of words “might” and “maybe” with it’s negative sầu n interrogative forms.



Hello!Miss Rebecca, you are a very good teacher. Because in Pakistan, we don’t usually speak English.Keep i up!

How are you doing? Hope you & the other teachers are fine?I want to thank you for this wonderful explanation of names.It will help me in my future.Thanks a lot to lớn you & all teachers.

Hi!Hello!How are you doing?I was wondering if you can upload a video clip of yours khổng lồ improve our English speaking và emotions.I will be very thankful.

Hi Abhilash,

A « maiden name » is the family name (surname, or last name) of a woman before she gets married.

Hi Rebecca,

Even if I’ve sầu been learning english for years, I found this lesson very useful! It really helps untangle some pretty well mixed up notions!

Dear Ms. Rebeca,

It is an impoliteness way to lớn ask ‘what is your name’ in India. Probably the use of ‘what is your good name’ derived from Hindi phrase “aap ka shubh naam kya hai”. If we use “good name” , it will be considered more politeness/respect.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your valuable teaching. I can follow you easily.

I was so confused about these names description.This lesson have solved my problem.Thanks a million, Rebecca.

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It was such a wanderful teaching that i never had imagined.I suggest programs lượt thích these should be added, lớn get some of us awake from our slumbers. thank you so much

What about chinese name with Christian name? For example, Darren Teh Kai Jun. Which one should be the first name, middle name và last name?

hi!your way in teaching helps learners to lớn grasp the information & understand it easily.thank you.A thous& kisses.

Teacher Rabecca,I just finished to lớn hear some of your lessons.Redarding of the names,it was avery useful one.I have had some problems in the past,but from now on,it’ll be different.Thanks Ms.Rabecca.Best regards,Maria.

Hello Rebecca,

Reading your article about comtháng English mistakes, I didn’t understand something.

Wrong I have sầu visited Niagara Falls last weekover.Right I visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

But in the tuy nhiên of The Cardigans appears this form:I’ve changed my mindI take it backErase và rewind‘Cause I’ve sầu been changing my mind

I’ve sầu changed, Is it not the same that I have sầu changed?ThereforeI’ve visited, Is it not the same that I have sầu visited?

Thanks a lot!

PS: I am still waiting answer about difference between You and I, & You và me!


Thanks, Now, I get it..


Hi thank you for help.




hi Rebecca,wonderful class, very informative… I’m from Pakischảy and there is also trend to lớn ask ‘ what is your good name?’ ..Thanks a million,Fari.


Thanks, This lesson is very helpful.


Thanks a lot!


Thanks, it solved one of my great problem.


Dear Rebecca, Thank you very much for your lessons. I’ve got one question: What about patronyms? Are they regarded as middle names in, e.g., application forms? Thank you.


Thank you Ma´am, I could learn something ore about filling forms because after this lesson I was kind of confused about given name, Christian name và first name. BTW I didn´t know about the existence of the term “forename” so it was another term I came to iscover with your lesson. I´m thanked with you and I hope to lớn visit your beautiful country Canada some day, it is one of my dreams!!!!


My full-name is Md. Saffat-E-Nayeem.what is my surname here?


many many thanks for that im really so exited ur lessons ,,;)

aalan ali

Most of the time the anser khổng lồ the question What’s your name? is My name is gloria … but when lớn answer ( It’s Gloria) only and why. thanks



This is great, thanks Rebecca


Thank you. ^”^

Ted Lee

thank you :)


Hi Rebecca,thank you very much for your interesting và helpful lesson.take care


I will never be confused by these words. Thank you Rebecca! :D


thank you Rebecca i love your lessons so much


The full name of Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), the liberator of Venezuela, in our war of independence was: “Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolivar y Ponte Palacquả táo y Blanco” :-)


good khổng lồ know. Ths Rebecca.




Thank you teacherAll michael-shanks.com members, you’re welcome to lớn my skype:KIM-00 ^_^

chababi hakim

I got 100 % as usual :) Thank uuuu

Zainab Awni

Thank you

mad man

Dear Rebecca,If I heard correctly, you said: Write your name more fully than before. :-)Best regards.


Thanks for your great job!


Very useful lesson. Thank you.


thanks a lot.


Thanks you so much, very useful.

Marta Lopez

Dear Rebecca,I have a question. Is there a difference between “middle name” & “partonymic”?I am from Russia và my name is Dimãng cầu Vladimirovmãng cầu Scherbakova. So Dimãng cầu is a first name, Scherbakova is a last name. And what about Vladimirovna? How should I fill out a form?Best regards,Dina

dimãng cầu.scherbakova

Thanks for your.


very helpful lesson.

Have a good week-end Rebecca


I got 5/6! Thanks for the lesson!!




You got 5 correct out of 6.

thank you.

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M kartal

Thanks a lot :)


many thanks, we need more conversation with many examples

sarilớn yoki

Another very useful lesson, thank you Rebecca!

Mindy H


Keanu Acosta
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