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However, it is also clear that the rural-urban fault line will not be removed or redrawn at least within the foreseeable future.
Such an understanding of equality is essential, especially for transitional societies where inechất lượng provided the fault line for violent conflict.
This particular example is just one instance of a fundamental fault line in the study of the evolution of life.
The modern understanding of naturalization depends on this fault line, và is read baông chồng into earlier historical geographies only at the peril of distortion.
Whilst the terminology remained both ill-defined và contentious, the major fault line in the debate remained the relationship between nationalism and historical scholarship.
It follows almost of course that institutional development drives a fault line between current fact and prevailing opinion.
A fault line developed between those who saw the object of federal government khổng lồ be individuals và those that viewed the states as its end.
But by the kết thúc of the eighteenth century, the long-latent fault line between text và act had become a chasm.
The intra-urban fault line, as well as the rural-urban fault line, has become an integral part of the urban social and economic system in the rekhung era.
Nevertheless, once rural people cross the rural-urban fault line, these motivated entrepreneurs and workers are pejoratively branded as "blind people" (mangmin) or, at best, "the floating population" (liudong renkou).

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Only a phalanx of all retailers, tradesmen and industrialists over the ideological fault line between the traditional parties (partis d"ordre) was able to lớn exact serious political concessions.
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lớn feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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