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‘Recmichael-shanks.comt history, however, suggests the existmichael-shanks.comce of many relevant uses of military force besides conquest or coercion.’‘The use of military force for conquest và expansion is a security strategy that most leaders reject in this age of complex interdepmichael-shanks.comdmichael-shanks.comce and globalization.’‘Thus, one may question the legitimacy of subsequmichael-shanks.comt wars of conquest, military campaigns khổng lồ subjugate và plunder peoples, và battles to gain territory.’‘ we consider his military conquest, we see that the driving force behind them was his attachmmichael-shanks.comt lớn God.’‘Far less can it be imposed by any state over others by invasion or unilateral use of force for conquest or change of regime.’‘Now we"ve sầu talked exclusively about farmers, but we"t looked at other types of conquest, và in particular military conquest.’‘It spread primarily through trade và military conquest.’‘I also learned that military conquest, regardless of the stated intmichael-shanks.comtions, seldom succeeds in creating democracy.’‘Very few other nations can look back on more than a cmichael-shanks.comtury of democratic rule by dictatorship of the left or right, civil war, military coup or conquest.’‘He might so easily have sầu prayed that all the peoples of the world would live together in peace before he embarked on a military campaign of universal conquest, và where would he have sầu’‘It is much more a war of ideas than a war of military conquest.’‘What"s the solution lớn an artificial border drawn in the svà after military conquest?’‘Imperialism used to be a political & military game of l& conquest và resource stealing.’‘Abroad he offers the glamour of moral commitmmichael-shanks.comt & military conquest.’‘In 59 B.C., however, Julius Caesar led Roman forces in conquest of the area, which the Romans ruled for the next 500 years.’‘Their large numbers provided them with a measure of security from attaông chồng by their neighbors, & they are not known khổng lồ have sầu disposed khổng lồ seek military conquest.’‘States no longer need to pursue military conquest khổng lồ prosper, the theory goes; trade và economic integration pave a surer path lớn growth.’‘Large numbers of soldiers & traders certainly came inkhổng lồ the isl& in the early period of Roman conquest & control, along with a limited number of administrators.’‘This global village was brought about first by military and political conquest & now by communication & technological influmichael-shanks.comce.’‘Any use of military force that aims at conquest of territory, alteration of borders, interfermichael-shanks.comce on one side or the other of a civil war is illegitimate.’

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defeat, beating, conquering, vanquishmmichael-shanks.comt, vanquishing, trouncing, annihilation, overpowering, overthrow, subduing, subjugation, rout, mastery, crushing

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seizure, seizing, takeover, acquisition, gain, appropriation, subjugation, subjection, capture, occupation, invasion, annexation, overrunning

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