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The ‘90s often get a bad rap with horror fans. After the numerous successful slashers và creature effects films of the ’80s, the ‘90s offered a different variety of horror fare. Though there were plenty of hits, hidden gems, và misunderstood classics, the ‘90s usually don’t get the kind of love that other decades get when it comes to horror. It’s time to lớn change that.

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It’s time for a hard truth: there are very few tremendous werewolf movies.

Yes, we all know the classics and even some of the cult favorites, but compared to other sub-genres of horror, the werewolf film has more misses than hits. That’s a bummer because werewolves are excellent creatures from an effects standpoint. Still, a lot of werewolf movies either don’t have a compelling story, svào direction, solid characters, or a good-lookin’ werewolf.

None of those problems are present in Bad Moon.

Adapted from Wayne Smith’s novel Thor (which you MUST read), Bad Moon is a small but sure-handed tale about a single mother (Mariel Hemingway), her son (Mason Gamble), & their German shepherd, Thor. Unfortunately, there’s also Uncle Ted (Michael Paré). Uncle Ted comes to lớn visit và Thor knows that something isn’t quite right about hyên. Yeah, Uncle Ted is definitely a werewolf.

As an adaptation, Bad Moon has a near-impossible task. The novel was primarily framed from Thor’s perspective sầu. It would be incredibly difficult lớn replicate that in a live-action movie without resorting lớn cartoony ideas lượt thích giving the dog a voice-over. Writer/director Eric Red decides to devote equal time to lớn Thor và the human characters, and he does so in very smart and efficient ways. Thanks to this, the story never slogs & the pacing is perfect for an eighty-minute movie.

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The cast is also completely on the movie’s wavelength. Mariel Hemingway anchors this small family unit and she plays the material completely straight. Michael Paré plays Uncle Ted with a certain level of pity, but the movie eventually knows he has khổng lồ come across as a full-blown villain. Though that turn isn’t as well-crafted as it is in the book (again, you MUST read Thor), Paré plays evil in a really fun way.

But, if we’re going lớn talk about the best aspect of Bad Moon, we’re gonmãng cầu talk about the werewolf.

Designed by prolific special effects artist Steve sầu Johnson, the werewolf in Bad Moon is potentially the best realization of a practical effects werewolf in any movie. I know, we all love the beast from An American Werewolf in London & it’s amazing, but it’s also a total creature fabrication and that has certain limitations. Bad Moon was able lớn make a fantastic werewolf thiết kế that could also be manipulated by an actor in a suit. This allows for better mobility for the creature.


Even without that specific comparison, the werewolf in Bad Moon is just awesome. The overall kiến thiết is top-notch – it’s so cool how wide the werewolf’s mouth is able lớn open – & it also conveys a sense of character. Werewolves in movies live sầu or die based on their design & Bad Moon is a shining example of good kiến thiết choices. The length of the snout, the color of the fur, and the size of the head all contribute khổng lồ creating a werewolf that stands apart from other cinematic lycanthropes. Considering that we’ve sầu had plenty of werewolves since Bad Moon, it’s kind of amazing that very few movie werewolves have sầu come cthất bại to lớn matching its strength in kiến thiết.

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Bad Moon is a good movie with a great werewolf. The basic parts of the movie work well but it’s the werewolf itself that elevates Bad Moon inkhổng lồ must-see material. It’s a short but satisfying little horror treat. And seriously, READ THE BOOK.

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