Agony meaning

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‘What sort of world is this that predisposes roughly đôi mươi percent of human beings khổng lồ suffer mental agonies?’‘Grams argues that all social layers share in life"s abundance of physical và mental agonies.’‘Very many others suffered those same physical agonies.’‘Dapper of dress & genial of manner, Corbett seems the antithesis of the tortured comic suffering endless agonies for his art.’‘The hospital is filthy, without drugs, and women who used lớn be nurses sit in the corner doing embroidery while patients suffer agonies without pain relief.’‘You can suffer agonies of rejection when you sign off with ‘Love’, only to receive ‘Best wishes’ in return.’‘Mr Handley, like so many of his fellow farmers up and down the land, must have been suffering agonies of worry as the weeks grind on & foot & mouth continues to ravage the lvà.’‘You tend lớn imagine the worst, suffer agonies of mind today.’‘It cannot be right that we should force people khổng lồ suffer endless, needless agonies, knowing they will not get better.’‘At least the physical agonies that students undergo will be restricted or minimised.’‘One reason is that we are probably wrong to lớn imagine that they have been suffering agonies of guilt all these years.’‘We start out thinking of these afflictions as separate agonies.’‘And therein lies a clue that perhaps this anh dũng can in fact be tripped up by an opponent who fights through the pain khổng lồ inflict agonies of his own.’‘One notion that haunts this Danish film is how in the blink of an eye a personal heaven can turn into lớn a hell whose agonies reverberate traumatically through other lives.’‘As families are forced to empty out the contents of their cluttered trang chính onlớn the baông chồng lawn, we"ll see the trauma & agonies as they decide what stays and what goes.’‘You won"t find many personal accounts of the agonies of backabít or ingrowing toenails.’‘Authors và publishers hurt by lost revenue, agonies of tribulation’‘For years, he has suffered the nightmares và the agonies that, by all rights, should be ours too.’‘The problem was the poor woman then had to cope with a mix of false teeth for the rest of her life with all the attendant agonies of wondering whether you can bite inlớn an táo without leaving your teeth embedded inlớn it.’‘And next month the agonies begin all over again.’

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